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Continuing Yesterday’s thread – TTMYGH July 16, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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TTMYGH “Things that make you go huh!”

At the end of the day yesterday, I saw a story that there was another seismic tremor, a 6.1 near Papua New Guinea.  Near the Island of New Ireland!  Whoa!

So another link in the weave, I suppose.  Now a couple of other elements get added into this mystery.  The Pleiades, Hermes, love and sex.  In terms of the elements of the iron pentacle, I think there are some minor disagreements of correspondences; at least I suspect there are, so I won’t say definitively that Pride is the Fire point or whatever.  Some other view might have fire be passion, though water is also a candidate.  Or for that matter, Self could also be fire.  In any case, I’ve learned that Aether is the element connected to the Sex point.  And I sense that there is something to our cosmo-orgasmic natures that is entirely about being in contact with the Source.  The Star Goddess.  Olodumare.  Quakoralina.

I sense that my Godself telling me Ireland, meditate on Ireland is leading me in interesting ways.  I imagined some aspect of myself being connected to the landmass known as Ireland, and envisioned its shape in the seas of the Atlantic, etc.  I was drawn to focus on its northwest coast.  It looks like I’m more drawn to the northern side of the northwest coast, for Galway sticks out a bit, and that’s not the area.  It’s Counties Mayo and Sligo that draw my interest.

I googled Ireland and the Pleiades, and found some interesting linkages, but I also looked at a map of the counties, and discovered some interesting facts, particularly about Sligo.  That W.B. Yeats is buried there.  So.  Another web-link to explore.  I now have to pull out a volume of WBY’s poetry.

I remember as a young fellow, being fascinated with Yeats for some reason.  Growing up, we had one of those not-great Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia sets we got at the supermarket over time.  Not much in retrospect, but to an 8 year-old it held a lot of fascination.  And something about Yeats attracted me, even as a precocious fat boy.  I feel on some level, the dormant mage inside me recognized kin.

(I remember also being similarly fascinated by Virginia Woolf for that matter, perhaps for similar reasons?)

I started my studies of astrology at age 7, when my mother informed me I was  a Pisces.  It sparked a poetic aspect in myself.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but I don’t think of astrology as a science.  It’s both a craft and a language.  There are rules and principles, there’s a mathematics to it, yes.  But science?  Not in the classical sense, no.  Non-reflective scientific types don’t stop to think about why Urania is a muse in the Greek system, and not a goddess of star-science in her own right.  “The muse of astronomy” reflects an element that is about memory and poetry.  The ancient Greek conception of astronomy incorporated a mystical and narrative aspect as well as having firm grounding in observation.

As a child, I was also attracted to tarot cards, desiring them even as a precious kid.  My mother forbade them though, saying they were evil.  Nonreflective, ignorant contempt prior to investigation.  Forever in the dark, alas–at least about this wondrous tool of self-examination and magick.  There was a film version of John Fowles’ The Magus on the television one night, and I wish that I had seen the beginning of it.  I only saw a tarot reading as part of the proceedings, and I asked my mother about it, and that’s when she revealed the “evil” aspect.


A part of me just knew better, and somehow I swallowed my impaticnce with this yahoo approach of my mother, and went on.  I filed it in the back of my mind, and waited until college to buy my first deck.

Sorry, that was a digression but it seems fruitful of something.  Don’t rightly know what yet, other than this Yeats and Woolf thing seems to be of a piece.

The Beacons of Light today talked about pineal crystals.  I have had spontaneous visualizations in meditation of all our brains and chakras being interwoven bits of light.  It makes sense that the crystallization of elements of our bodies would start to emerge, but the latticework element–wow.  It could get beautifully intense or crazy-making or most likely both.

On my mother’s side, I’m a quarter Irish I think.  I believe my grandmother’s parents both were Irish.  Might be wrong about that, but I know that the Smiths and Leonards were both from Irish counties r/t England.  (And I know there’s also Feeney blood in the mix.)

(Hm.  Bloodlines, another form of weaving. Wonder where that could take me…)

Well, I will probably add to this stream of thought over time.  Just jotting down sketchy notes at the moment.  I trust the continuous veil-lifting process of slo-pocalyse will open more insight as time goes by.

May you know God Herself’s will for you, as always.



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