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Current Memes: Ireland and weaving July 15, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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Just thought I’d share two themes in the air right now I’m noticing turn up more frequently.

First, as I noted yesterday Ireland is something I need to meditate on.  I also received a copy of R.J. Stewart’s Merlin book in the mail.  Now his take on Merlin stresses a more pan-Celtic viewpoint, but of course Ireland figures prominently in anything Celtic.  It strikes me interesting also to note that the conversation I had last week with my stuck friend who I hardly call anymore due to her stuckness turned largely on Ireland.  She had visited Dublin and found it to be a scary place.

Guess I’ll be looking to see if there’s Irish news in the Interwebs.

The other theme though has been that of weaving.  Today, on Mayanmajix in the Articles – Misc section, I saw the July 14th crop circle in Wiltshire.  It looks like there’s some sort of stitching pattern, a weave if you will.  Yesterday, I was reading about Arachne and the spider’s weaving abilities, along with Athena’s.  She is btw, my visiting goddess for this Beltane/Litha quarter.  And weaving is also a thematic in the Merlin book I’m reading–Ariadne is a prominent figure in the book, and her thread that helped Theseus slay the minotaur.

Hm.  Another sub meme I guess, that of the Star.  I drew the Star tarot card today, and in contemplating the minotaur, it’s not known much that the poor fellow had a name:  Asterion.  Or Star, in Greek.  He was perhaps more than just this monster.  Perhaps he was part alien, with a name like that.  Just a thought.

Perhaps I will post again later.


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