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More about the Work of This God July 13, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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It’s pretty cool to have a counselor who’s also a magic worker.  In talking about a number of things that happened the week before, I was awed that there is so much power around me–not just me, though.  It’s available to anyone who can find surrender and the off-chance of humility in oneself, as well as just being present to one’s experience. 

The purchase of the building I inhabit goes on apace, and magick is afoot there as well.  I have some things I need to manifest, and now I have a new tool, which is rather odd, admittedly:

The last movement of Bernstein’s Mass.

That was the largest upshot of my last meeting with my brilliant therapist.  I need to attempt some manifestations of things while playing that in the background as an extra juice, for the movement sings praises to [insert God here].  Might as well be Frostwolf!

My guides tell me “spend more time naked, btw.”  Wonder how in blazes I can do that, given my packed schedule.  Gotta manifest it, though.  I must. I simply must.


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