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The Unveiling of the Work of This God July 9, 2009

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This Frostwolf T’Firerose…

Just to make an empirical note about this post, but I’m going to be updating it throughout the day.  I am beginning the post at about 10:34, and I will try and post it sometime this afternoon.  Maybe toward the evening time.  (I say this now, but it will be a moot point after it’s posted.)

One of the aspects of the work of FT’F is that, since I hit bottom with EWP’s, I have embarked on a course of abundance and a life beyond my wildest dreams.  And while I am currently enjoying the dregs of the “1,000 mile diet” wherein I purchase my berries and canned pineapple and out-of-season fruits and vegetables from a supermarket, I will probably adjust better than most to a seasonally appropriate, 100-mile diet that will be the sign of a healthier and more robustly localized life.  My hitting bottom with sugar pretty much opened my mind to the realization that life could really get better, and that the vEmpire was in its last gasps.

As a writer, I need to address certain tendencies in myself and in my characters.  Like most people I think, we tend to turn ourselves satan on those whom we have satanized.  I started to type up various media personae who are eager to ensatanize themselves through their finger pointing.  I am them.  OK.  Enough said.  Transform that, this is part of my work.  May their sexual potency increase, may I do kala.

I read tarot about my writing the other day and I realized that the Goddess wants for me to explore the evolving role of the masculine in this context of reacquainting ourselves with the feminine and Her awesome powers.  Mother Universe has a plan for me, Frostwolf T’Firerose.  The advice of the cards was the Prince of Disks, “Body Musician” in the Cosmic Tribe.  Time to return to my body percussion, I see.

So much of the work of this God arises from somatic experience.  The points of the I.P.  starting with Sex which is the power of Aether.  And I really GET that.  Wow.  All the sex and life and death oh my that we’re a-swimming in.  Goodness!

I need to remember the sacredness of each moment, and of course all my relations.  I walk in beauty, after all. 

Yesterday I had a disappointing conversation with someone who has been a dear friend.  Once she and her husband–also a swell fellow–left NYC a few years ago, I did miss them at once.  But over the years, as the physical distance between us remained, I saw that I was changing in interesting ways, and that my friend, as progressive and aware as she is, is quite closed to certain awarenesses.  She sang OBH’s praises, for example, and I was struck by how lotus-eater-y it was.  I wasn’t about to even address it–I know where I can push and when.  She’s still drinking in progressive faux-manna after having been in Bush-AK47Jesusland for the previous 8 years.  To me, there’s not much of a difference–just some cosmetics toward a leftish track, but not really if you look down deep.  (Not to mention that “left” vs. “right” don’t mean much these days, as both the state/criminal and the business/religious/military/criminal sectors have become enmeshed.)

I had to make a call to another friend afterward to return to the land of the sane, though I tried to plant a couple of seeds.  But my LA friend is content to live with Big Government (Big Shitpile?) and … well, it works for her.  I guess.  Though there are things she grouses about that are connected to B.G.(B.S.) and she resolutely denies that.  Give her points for consistency.

I would love to continue writing, but I’m a bit . . . distracted.  Work has been quite interesting of late.  If I was more into people at my obbly-jobble-job knowing who I am on this blog, I would discuss some things freely–things that I am free to discuss.  But . . . I kind of don’t want to do that as of yet.

One of these days perhaps.  But not now.  Part of the work of this God is secrecy, though not too much…



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