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Bones and Death and Grief, oh my! Yea! July 8, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Personal Journey.
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I continue to be awekd by Sharon Astyk and Carolyn Baker, and their perspectives on the integration of the somatic/material with the intellectual/scientific, the emotional/nurturing and the spiritual sides of our collective humanity. 

In Feri, we talk a lot about the divine twins, Dian-y-Glas and Shaitan.  (They evidence themselves sometimes as male-female and female-female pairs as well, though.)  The Divine Twins clash and fight and the fight turns as erotic as a wrestling-cum-gay porn video.  The one defeats the other and bottoms for the “loser.”  Talk about YEAAAA!

Today has been quite a day for little revelations, but S.A. and C.B. discussing grief and the pseudo-grief going on in ‘MerKKKa for “the Gloved One” had some very interesting points.  To be certain, I am not really sure what I think of the deceased fellow.  Part of me can’t even bring myself to type his name, but that’s as much about “kill your television and corp(se)orate radio” as it is about the contortions of this Dorian Gray figure now forever embalmed in celebrity.

For me, grieving has been an intimate part of my life for many a year.  My most recent deep grief was for a pet who had been with me for over ten years.  Kitzel was my first pet in adulthood.  I’m sure that when either of my two current buddies felinous pass on I will be just as devastated, but I noticed that my own angelic elements came out in my deeply cried tears.  When I lost the fantasy of a real family back on June 26, 1982, I put off my grieving for quite a while.  I knew in an inchoate way that I had to grieve this and it took a lot of years of acting out and then a deep surrender that some days even still has quite a ripple in my life.

To me, the grief surrounding these celebrities, be they Mother Theresa, Princess Di, the Gloved One, etc., is a bit unseemly and reminds me of the inflated feelings people have when their football/baseball/basketball team loses a match, or a playoff or the Big One of their sport.  Not to compare the loss of a game to that of a human being, but the odd output of “mourning” feels as ersatz as the “rage” that marauding fans can issue out because the Green Bay Red Sox lost to the UCLA Knicks for the Super Pennant-travaganza.  (And I’m upfucking the team names and team sports zusammen on purpose. because I’m like that.)

Ms. Baker brings up the place of death and grieving in indigenous cultures and I feel a deeper resonance there.  As I’ve noted elsewhere, my Mayan day sign is 6 Death.  I am someone who has some sort of innate connection to “the other side.”  I enjoy communing with the dead, and they like it that I pay attention to them.  For the most part, it’s not really celebs that talk with me.  Though I have a famed primary guide, and there are a couple of other famed ones who have come into my orbit for some reason.  I long for a more open and fresh talk about death and dying.

Well, anyway, I want to go on, but … I’m at za woiklez, and I feel like I need to push on into other territory right now. I’m sure I’ll revisit this at some point, but for today, I just need to express gratitude to Sharon and Carolyn for their insights.  Many thanks!



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