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Wave Building… June 30, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Mystical, Personal Journey.
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I feel quite a bit stressed these days.  Just want to run & hide!  I’m sure there’s quite a bit of this energy going around.  I can’t be the only one who feels pressured.

I get cranky these days when I feel thusly.  It aggravates and annoys me to no end and I feel a mite put out.  Part of me I know is grateful for the busy-ness, but another part of me just wants to be able to go away somewhere and really chill.  I mean REALLY chill, to the point where I can let go of all the detritus and debris that permeates the civilibrutalized consciousness of this Borg.

Anyway, I started to post this yesterday during a particularly crazy-busy moment, and right now, I feel the need to post something.  It’s tough when I don’t really think I have anything meaningful to say, though I’ve hit upon a cool vein which I’ll try and explore tomorrow. 

I did have an interesting vision this morning.  I felt some spirit bird waft in and out of my room.  It was about the size of a crow, but it wasn’t a corvus.  It was some other type, something of a lighter hue.  Perhaps a small hawk?  Or a woodpecker or something.  I felt that was somehow significant.

Things are progressing with the buying of my building.  Little Italy, Father Troy both want me to have a foothold there.  I have the feeling as well that Schenectady is preparing some sort of place for me as well.  Much in the same way I perceived Samson as entering into my heart before I actually met the bugger after my Kitzel-bitz died.  (I still miss you, Kitzel!)

Anyway, I found something with Aurora Petra Majesta today, that will help me focus this blog back on the areas this site was meant to pursue.  Looking forward to what people will think.



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