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Windows of the Wheel Year June 25, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Mystical, Personal Journey.
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Hecate has a contemplation about being grounded in one’s land, climate and weather.  It relates to what this blog, at least in its original conception, purports to be about, that is the mystical connections we have here in the Hudson-Mohawk Valley to the land and its seasons and climate. 

It occurs to me I’ve not really blogged much about the last two windows of the Wheel Year – i.e., Ostara and Beltane.  In thinking about them as windows, I have even gone so far as to refer to them as the Ostara-Beltane and Beltane-Litha windows, s0 that people understand the period of which I speak, though Ostara and Beltane do tend to tend to be enough of a shorthand for most paganfolk. 

[After having finished this posting, I realized that a subtitle for it would be “Frostwolf’s Personal Creativity Throughout the Year.”]

Ostara in this region is a burgeoning time as it is most places.  For the most part, it’s pretty cold here, and not much appears to be happening on the surface.  Somewhere in April, we start to see the crocuses and daffodils.  Toward the end of the season, as we get to Beltane, we start to see the tulips, which are really harbingers for the emotional summer that May Day symbolizes to me.  The transition from Imbolc to Ostara and the first part of “Scientific Spring” (the equinox is referred to as Midspring in the pagan year) are personally quite treacherous for me.  And I’ve certainly blogged about that before.  The transition from Ostara to Beltane, in contrast, is much more joyous and hopeful.

Here in the H-M Valley, Beltane is perhaps the most resplendent window in the regional wheel year.  It certainly pops us out of the morass of winter that we have endured since Samhain.  (Along those lines, the last few years, the Samhain window has been fairly mild, though the post-Thanksgiving sub-window of 2008 was particularly brutal, what with the ice storms we had.  The Yule window and the Imbolc window I personally experienced as fairly run-of-the-mill–not that I’m saying they were mediocre.  Just not wildly different from other years.)

For me, the past two Taurus-Gemini periods have been about doing shows.  I was in a play and directed and acted in another last year, and this year, I directed a play, and I’m acting in and producing another now.  My personal Beltanes are about creativity and expression, it seems.  (Next year, I’ll be utilizing my Imbolc and Ostara for that, and gearing up to direct King Lear over the summer, provided the wheels of the vEmpire still chug away like they do now–hard to say whether that will be the case.)

In looking at my history, I realize that most of my post-teenage summers have had some theatrical component.  Litha and Lammas both have portended some sort of theatrical engagement.  Over the past 3 years, the border between the two has been the culmination of a project.  Hm.  I’ve had some pretty joyous theater times during the Lammas come to think of it. 

My late Lammas and all the way through into Yule appear to be the time when I am most fertile for writing.  And my fallow period starts around my birthday, mid-Imbolc. 

I’d love to manifest responses to this post.  Care to make any?



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