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Wondering about timing and time June 22, 2009

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So. … I’m curious about the divine timing of my whole thing regarding the house I live in.  Last week, I had a lovely meditation with the Divine Mother, and She told me quite a few things that I found ticklesome and delightful.  Today, my partner and I met with an attorney to discuss and draft a contract for the house I live in.  With all the stuff taking place in the necronomy and the vEmpire, I’m wondering:  What is going on here, exactly?  I’m letting myself follow divine guidance, but …

I’m terrifed about some of this stuff.  And yet, I sense I’m about to set free from some things.

I’m also wondering about the nature of time itself.  A few years ago I slogged through Jean Gebser’s book about our dynamic reality (based on some reading of Ken Wilber), and discovered the notions of atemporality and aperspectivism.  I feel a liberation when I let go of time and space, when I ponder the limitlessness of the “Now.” 

Part of this today arises from a fun confabulation of factors.  First our email system is down at work.  The environment is “dead-in-the-water” in some ways, but I feel an appreciation for the quiet.  I drew the Sun card today in the tarot reading.  There seems to be some different elements tying into the solar for some reason–I decided to record a Sacred Path reading I did for myself on my break, and I was reading the Workbook about the various cards and came to the understanding that I really need to remember to treat each moment as sacred.

With the stuff with the lawyer, I forgot to put the papers in my bag, and my partner had to go over to my place to find them.  So I caused some irritation for Jodles.  Felt bad about that, but I’m grateful that he’s pointing me to change some of my errant ways.  My housekeeper comes in today as well.

My life is about to change–whether the economy shifts and all our lives change in one swell foop, or if it doesn’t, change is acomin’ for Frostwolf T’Firerose!  (Which btw, some day will become my legal name, though I don’t know when.  Whenever spirit dictates it.)

And there’s the energy of gratitude to consider.  I experience it as a fire in my chest.  When I think of the “fire-rose” image, gratitude’s energy is one possible expression of it. 

So, this is rather disjointed, but I’m feeling a little bit disjointed today.  Sometimes I’m not sure whether I should even be posting at times like this.  But I figure, might as well give any reader a chance to see some continuity of my erratic persona.  (Pisces, ya know…)



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