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Pattern swarm June 19, 2009

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I don’t know how much of this pattern swarm around fractals, dark matter, dark energy and the Star Goddess is self-generated, but it’s interesting for me to come into awareness of all this, related to my awareness of the sacredness I swim in.  All of reality is infused with a mystic light. 

I’m reading a book on pantheism.  One of my assignments with my teacher was to write 2 page research papers on each of the basic elements, including Aether–so I wrote about dark matter/dark energy based on a book I read about awe.  On my little trip to the forest, I did a sacred path reading which counseled me to pay attention to all my relations. 

Today, interestingly I had a minor encounter with a couple of crows.  They were cawing at me.  I need to pay attention to something.  They flew up onto Aurora and perched.  One flew away later.  Aurora has attracted hawks every once in awhile, btw.

Last night I had a very instructive dialogue with Quakoralina (one name for the Star Goddess).  She started out being all frosty with me, but then she warmed up as we went along.  Quakoralina is not an easy goddess, but she can be most generous at times.  I think I’m sort of like that myself.

I feel she forms herself from dark matter and into a form that makes sense to me.  She conveys a bit of information to me that is interesting.  I try not to take it too seriously, but I also try not to dismiss it either.  I let things sit.  Life changes as life takes me in different directions.

One thing that she said that I will note is that I must write.  I must continue even though it seems to pay no rewards.  It may never pay a reward in my lifetime.  I don’t know when it will, if ever.  Perhaps it will reap a benefit to some far-flung descendant.  Who’s to say.

The book about pantheism has been a delight.  I find that I’m walking in the steps of several cool personages from the past, including Walt Whitman and Baruch Spinoza.  In glancing through the book, I see D.H. Lawrence and Virginia Woolf are mentioned as well.  I have a feeling that Tennessee Williams had some of this going on too.

Lots of recognitions taking place.  Lots of poetry coming into my awareness.  Lots of fractal gorgeousness manifesting every which way, and the four-by-four goons out there have no idea they’ve already lost a battle they alone set up, and that in the up-setting thereof set up their upset.  (!)

I continue to pray the increase in sexual potency for right wingers.  Their insanity will probably increase because they’re not made for this.  But they are made for this too.  A certain malady has to boil to the surface before the putrefaction can bear it away.  Pray for them.  Pray for Bill O’Reilly’s Sexual Potency.  Glenn Beck’s sexual potency.  Newt Gingrich’s sexual potency.  Even if it would appear abhorrent.  Pray the vampire energy that has engulfed them gets its own staking, that the light and holy water of the sexual potency prayer (“May you know Goddess’ will for you!”) dispel the necrotic energies and open them up to a life beyond their wildest dreames.



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