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Dot-dot-dot woweth June 12, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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All right, I had every intention of going away and trying to write some more doom sonnets.  And I did write a couple, though they were destroyed by water.  I tented between Ithaca and Taughannock Falls State Park from Saturday night through Monday morning without any weather to speak of, and then on Monday night I went up to Easton Mountain spiritual retreat center.  That night I slept in the tent toward the top of a hill, but it rained really hard, and unfortunately I lost two journals and a book.  😦

I’m not really all that bummed about it though.  It felt like it was a sacrifice and one joyfully given to the various deities I work with.  The patron deity of my sojourn into the woods, which began with a day trip to Grafton Lakes State Park (near the Massachusetts border), turned out to be Cerridwen!  She was oh-so-chatty!  Cerridwen has never been as talkative as she was when I started this staycation!  I had a lot to take in.  There is, according to my counselor, a sacred site near where I was, and Cerridwen and the otter both told me that I was there this time around to go and make myself acquainted with the spirits of the place.  It feels that I am acceptable.

When I walked Taughannock Falls, I didn’t know I was entering into a ritual, but there it was.  And most of my guides were there in attendance (plus a few I don’t as yet know, I would venture).  One, a living personage who told me he was asleep at that moment, said he wouldn’t miss this initiation for the world.  “Yet another initiation,” I mused to myself.

The upshot of this initiation was to refocus my awareness on the continuity of sacred presence, or rather the stream of continuous sacred moments.  Today I felt the urge to draw an I Ching, and got #32, “Continuity.”  As if to underscore the awareness I’ve attained.  The multiverse is in a dialogue with me, and I’m quite enthusiastic about it.  Both Cerridwen at GLSP and the various guides of this ritual said that I would be moving away from my birth name self toward the Frostwolf T’Firerose self emerging.  Last week I had the encounter with the white fairies, and this week it’s moving me toward this emergent multiversic self.  My pentacle points changed in color last week–the sex point blue deepened to a cobalt, self became turquoise, passion deep fuchsia, pride turned into a goldenrod throne, and power became both maroon and forest green both edging toward black-black-black.

Clearly a process is at work.

At Easton there were other awarenesses that came, but mostly that I was to move into this sacred awareness moment to moment. And the writerly self seems to be an element of the sacrifice being made, though the writerly self is being made sacred literally.  I sense that a whole set of movements are being set forth under my feet right now, and that as things start to shake around, I will find that my ability to trust this loving benevolent universe will reveal untold benefits.

I hope to unpack more of this over time.  I will probably write a few more doom sonnets, though I think Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain might serve as the inspiration for the segue into whatever follows.  The end of the piece is so calm and serene it’s hard to imagine it follows what precedes it.  My doom sonnets aren’t really all that “doomy” though.  They just chronicle the strange times we inhabit with my unusual lens.  Still, it points me to a joyous possibility and one that I will share with people as they come “online”.


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