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Three More Doom Sonnets June 2, 2009

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Preface to these:  I feel I’m in need of a break, which luckily enough starts the day after tomorrow.  Yea.  Still, I feel … Oh, I don’t know.  The craziness in the air gets to me sometimes.  It’s definitely a time for a break.


When it does hit you, that this way of life
can’t go on, and Change’s insistence
that you attend her (ignoring her knife
that might cut to shreds if resistance
to this transformative charge should take hold
over your juvenile, mere satan mind
cause you to try a Three-Stoogely foolish-bold
move to conflagrate, that some stronger winds
will blow into ultimate change Hades
fastened) could you envision happier
times ahead?  Embracing Pleiades
possibilities, borne from snappier
and mindful energy brought forth from joy
and far ways from ’xtractive jobs soul destroy?


Another day, another bankruptcy
and more people snap and shoot someone dead.
My heart HURTS!  How deep I weep for whoopsie
viewpoints that flow from an inflated head
possessed by loa who work foul mischief
cause him mistake his ego for God’s
ineffable will, and put his own wrist grip
firmly on some death-deal-tool, hope for prods
to instant riches or retribution
for vapor harms imagined, slights to person
huge umbrage bankrolled.  No contribution
of their own they their plight worse
lights up their blind perceptions.  Stumble
they will through self-dark their thoughts a-jumble.


Ah, the old “blame the victim for abuse
I inflict upon” tactic.  Psychopaths
are so predictable, applying loose
justifications for the violent swaths
of destruction they leave.  Up to the witch
I am to accept the situation
as it is, not to struggle or to bitch
about how our joint habituation
to intolerable demands forced down
upon us, unacceptable treatment
of our persons, has made our minds less sound,
wills weakened, hearts crying ’ternal lament.
It’s in their nature to seek dominance.
But collusion continues this circumstance.



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