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Random thoughts about shooting over weekend June 1, 2009

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This will be a list.  Also, I probably won’t be blogging much over the next two weeks.  Going on a much needed vacation!

  1. People who SPRAAAAAWK the loudest about abortion tend to be people who deny any accountability for their actions, and tend also to make their victims “responsible” for the SPRAAAAAWKER’s abusive behavior rather than finding the noble path.
  2. I need to pray for Mr. Roeder’s sexual potency.  Ironically, this will probably push him farther over the edge, but it might also break the chokehold of whatever righteousness-demon holds sway over his fragile heart.
  3. The whole abortion debate grows out of the interwined tragedies of civilization and power-over/zero-sum dynamics.  This false topic preoccupies the minds of psychopaths who don’t really want anyone to embrace and accept the reality that is our physical existence.
  4. While it’s not a great option, and signifies failure on a couple of levels, abortion emerges as a practical choice for a whole set of given circumstances.  Again, the praxis for a given situation would appear to require a communal operation, though one where the mother would have quite a bit of decision power.  Those who are anti abortion seem to believe in short-circuiting reality in favor of . . .  skygod jehovahsatanic psychopathy.
  5. Healthy sexuality, together with the sort of humility that affirms one’s assets, a sense of one’s abilities arising from their sacred self, and a goodly dose of passion puts one in touch with sacred power.  Inveighing against sex and shaming/guilting people out of their birthright again would appear to serve the psychopathic mindset, that is until Dionysus emerges to smash Pentheus like he does periodically. 

I could go on.  I don’t really want to though.  I would much rather write a doom sonnet, but with the show over the weekend (wonderful experience, and I’m very much thrilled with the proceedings), I have not had time these past few days.  Still, I should have a share of them when I return from my vacation.  I expect I may blog tomorrow & Wednesday, but probably not a lot after that.



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