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Grumbly Insight & two more doom sonnets May 28, 2009

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You know, in this puritanCunt vEmpire necronomical culture, it’s a difficult thing to admit:  I really don’t like work.  At least the kind of work I do for the extractive dollaz I’z iz makinz.  Yesterday and the day before that, I really suffered a dazing comedown after a weekend where a cast of characters and I celebrated a delightful project coming to fruition.

In 12 step work, we are counseled not to get too Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired.  In fact, the abbreviation “HALT” serves as a handy shorthand for particularly problematic situations.  As the day wore on yesterday, I found myself getting more H, A and T.  Loneliness for the most part has not been a factor the past few years.

The thing is the past two days were crazy-busy, and I just wanted to fall off a building through a blade that would slice my head off and then get shot and crushed for good measure.  I was blisteringly and painfully enraged yesterday. 

Well, anyway.  I don’t really have a lot to say right now, other than it’s time for me to prepare for a convalescence.  Next week, I take a much-needed vacation, starting on the 4th!  Yippers for mih, yahhzz.

Two more doom sonnets


“Let it begin with me.”  Five simple words
that get lost in all the fingerpoint SPRAAAAWWWKS
desperately spinning distractions toward hordes
of people who have agency and talk
the talk, but . . .walk their lingo?  Yeah? Really?
Though it might feel tsunamic to waken
to the present day collapse which freely
starts asserting itself–bailouts quicken
the FIRE economy fallapart, cheap
energy vacates earth each passing steam
of exhaust released from cars in slow creep
mid-rush-hour, seas rise, deserts croach and deep
shit starts sticking up the gears–glad truth hides
open:  Small acts point us to ride with tides.


Another oft-dispensed question over
glossed sometimes asks:  “How important is it?”
The utility this tool can cover?
Cuts past the dross, focus thinkers’ visit
on the fabric of some intended path
the play of circumstance, best active course
to chart based on a spiritual math
arrived at disregarding the wars
for and against various selections.
The question asked acts as laser divine
and miracle! chain of events ensues
which often results in choices true, fine.
Clarity’s established. We refuse
both the trivial and mollycoddled.
Though naive observers b’lieve we dawdled.


1. psychegram - May 29, 2009

I’m liking the sonnets, man. Keep ’em coming.

Too tired to write anything more substantial….

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