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The Creative Process: Theater Directing May 21, 2009

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I enjoy directing quite a bit, even though the week prior to opening is ALWAYS stressful.  If a production is going to be worth anything, there does need to be some sort of struggle, imho.  So in any case, I’m glad that tomorrow is the opening night, after which my job is pretty much done.  It’s left to the actors and the crew after that.  Tonight is my last hurrah and tomorrow we present the product as polished as we can make it to the public.

Theater directing has only about 5% art to it, though.  I remember someone saying that it was 50% casting, 45% administration and the rest is the art of it.  That sounds about right.  One can get more artistic if the casting is a problem, but more likely it would become even more of an admin burden.  The rehearsal process for this one has demanded a high level of flexibility that community theater groups have to have.  We all have jobs, we all have lives outside the world we’re creating onstage.  In casting the play, I offered a part to an actor who left for a paying gig.  And good for him!  I’m happy with his replacement.

I toyed with taking the part of the lead myself.  I would have made a FAAAAAABulous Marguerite Gautier.  I certainly have a definite sense of how the part needs to be played, and my lead does have that for the most part.  He’s more understated and nuanced than I would be.  I’d provide a very different spin, and as a director, I get to infuse my spin into his performance melding the energies into a delightful concoction.

It’s to be a most fun play.  Hope people around the Hudson-Mohawk region can come see it.

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