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Two new Doom Sonnets May 14, 2009

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Truism, yes, as we grow wrinkles,
exquisite attention to green forests,
meadows, gardens and vales, as if sprinkles
fairy dust enchantments on these poorest
driest hearts, doth guide our eyes thence.  Since we first
ground grain and crushed grapes, it’s ever been thus. 
Locking up our food bore psychopaths’ curse—
Charge! Lead ourselves to burst out wrathful pus
from pent-up resentment, while their king laughs.
But accumulate moments we do! Grace
pushes us away from vampires’ blood drafts
into Mother Earth’s glad verdant embrace
providing us respite sorely needed
while senses gulp Her wisdom so entreated.


Most times, I do abjure self-disclosure
on what I see true in these times, matters.
No publicity whore seeking ‘sposure,
me!  While I don’t see myself like hatters
mad with self-regard, I get it that most
people Western-acculturated tend
to look scathen on those who’d dare to post
thoughts similar to these so stated. They’d end
the dialogue. Denial’s precedence
preeminent. Mine’s voice f’wich to stick fingers
deep in ears, sing la-la-la, not make sense
of my playback of debris which lingers
on the edges of general awareness.
For those unready to embrace life’s bareness.



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