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Albany’s Washington Park May 12, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Personal Journey.
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I had to escort my partner to the train station and then take the car and park it somewhere where I wouldn’t have to put quarters in every hour or two.  I lucked out and got to State Street near Washington Park and snartfed up a great spot near Henry Johnson Blvd.  And I walked into the park for just a couple of minutes. 

Washington Park has such a clean and sparkly energetics to it.  The trees, the flowers, the landscaping–it’s such yumminess.  There are a couple of rows of trees that I like to walk under, which serves as sort of an auric bath of an arboreal genus.  One of the tree sets is pine, and I don’t know what the other one is.  Crabapple perhaps, but that was the one that was closer.  And it’s anchored by another wondrous standing person as well.  I walked through this tree-auric bath provider and felt lots of ick sucked right out of my energy field.  Yay!

I lived just half a block from the park for about 2-1/2 years.  That and the proximity to the Y (half a block the other direction) are the two things about the location that I miss.  Well, I also miss walking to work as well, but that’s rather minor.  I love where I live now, and I’m discovering more and more things about this region–like Rensselaer is “the home of Yankee Doodle” (???) for example.  Well, if Troy is the home of Uncle Sam, (typed “Uncle Same”), why not?

On edit:  A new Doom Sonnet.  #13.  Perhaps fitting, the number sacred to the Goddess…


Veils between our world and other realms thin.
Witches heretofore knew this to occur
at Beltane and winter, starting Samhain.
But heck with the seasons!  These times bestir
the boundaries, our own species now cocoons
itself.  This voracious caterpillar!
generates the juices to enter wombs
spirit-made, in which we’ll transform.  Killer
notions. Sure. Some would opt for collective
Homo sapiens’ death rather than submit
to nature’s gentle-firm grip, corrective
tonic and ample healing time to permit
us to ground, center, remember stellar selves,
place modern entitlements on Past’s shelves.



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