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Feast or Famine May 11, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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First off, apologies for my bad typing on my sonnets.  I decided to collect them all in a document and put them on another website (thank you Psychegram!), and noticed I had some minor cleanup to do.

And, wouldn’t you know it, but not too long after my last post, things just got very … well, Mercury retrograde would cover it I suppose.  I’ve been crazy-busy-nutzelly-nutzel-nuts!  Guh!

But.  Things have also gotten really interesting as well.  I will have a whole new vein of Troy stuff about which to write, I think. Thanks to my counselor.  Woweth.  Gratitude abounds.  The Work attracts people of like mind, it does, it does.  And I start to have an awareness of some of the gifts of this God that I am, the flower above my head, and the deity’s work being worked through this sacred vessel.

Still, I really could use a break right now.

Another Doom Sonnet:


“Why are you being so negative, Frostwolf?”
This funniest question gets asked of me
whene’er I put forth my REAL thoughts, watch gulf
of difference broad’ning. “Face reality”
sums up my thoughts of our current moment,
and perhaps to the vast many, this embrace
of The Collapse-Gestalt (Trade Mark) looks torment—
indeed seems blackest.  Yet I watch the race
to the bottommost rung of self-hatred
amongst my peers, shake my sorrowful head
and observe the pell-mell frenzy:  Baited
and hooked they are.  Ready for slaughter-shed?
But who’m I, pray tell to judge this mess?
Perhaps my heart too will cease under stress.*

*though I tend to doubt it…*



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