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Flavor of this present moment May 7, 2009

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Odd I should use the word “flavor,” as I am in a decidely adjective-averse frame of mind.  (frame of mined? I did type that, actually, at first.)

Currently, I’m perusing Catherine Maccoun’s On Becoming and Alchemist, and she siays that in other realms, the pictorial is not the modus operandi.  That any of us humans appears as a process rather than as a being.  She said that angelic humor reflects that she’s not so much a Catherine as much as she is “Cathering” which I must say tickles me.

I’m Frostwolfing. T’Firerosing.  I may be winding down my Richarding.  T.Hee!

The flavor of this present moment puts me in the mind of Obatala’.  He is the master of all things white, and his “flavor” amounts to not really being a flavor.  Maybe coconut.  Almonds.  But nothing more spicy than that.  The master of the cool head, he is also the king of North and of potatoes among other things.  White things.  I wouldn’t say the color of the moment was necessarily white though, but it’s not grey either.  Maybe a pastel yellow or buttercup. 

Still, those are adjectival, and the whole aspect of the adjective is an aspect of the relative “weakness” of this moment.  It might be in the book I’m reading now, or I might have seen it online somewhere, but someone once suggested removing the word “to be” from the dictionary as it was only a phrase that would introduce a noun.  (I think it is in Maccoun’s book, and I believe she’s quoteing someone else.) 

Interestingly, it reminds me a little of Artaud who says that the word “I” is the most evil in any language.  “I” begins separation of me/you or I/Thou, or whatever.  Now I get where Antonin is coming from, but the word “evil” is another one of those words I’m trying to steer away from.  Many of the polarities that are out there have become flavorless in a manner not unlike the way sugar and flour had turned toward the flame of transformation.  Getting beyond the polarized opens up my perceptions in grand and multifarious ways.  I don’t know.  I’m just musing right now.

And here’s another Doom Sonnet

Doom Sonnet #10

So why necessary, to speak roses,
finger paints, nature hikes and playing games?
Ain’t I a doomer?  What gives? He poses
jealous viewpoing of catastrophic whims.
Well, there is truth in that. Civilized “life”
extracts so much energy, resentments
cannot keep contained, and erupt in strife
which disturbs denialists’ contentments
that all is well with vEmpire necronomy.
Yeah. Whatever, I say.  More heart expanse
emeres with flowers’ taxonomy
or telling stories children to entrance.
Today we get to choose our apocalypse.
And I’d rather tiptoe through the tulips!



1. psychegram - May 8, 2009

Tulips are preferable to any apocalypse, though not perhaps as exciting. You pays your money and you takes your chances, yeah? And you knew what you were signing up for before coming. Hell, we all did, although of course we had to forget as part of the small print on the release form. Can’t have too many people running around the theme park who know it’s all just a ride … that would get in the way of everyone else’s suspension of disbelief, and then where would we be? A fine apocalypse it would be if we all knew how it would turn out (and like a good mystery novel, the charm of the Unveiling is that you don’t really know what is to be Unveiled.)

Did that make sense? I’m sure it did to you, even if most are left scratching their heads.

It’s been far too long. I’ve been enjoying your doom sonnets from a distance, as it were, lacking the energy to respond (and not just to you) but today is a beautiful day and so, I’m coming out from my solitude to enjoy the sunshine and the company.


– The Universe, Me-ing.

2. frostwolftfirerose - May 8, 2009

Of course it makes sense to me. And probably, oh I don’t know, .05% of anyone who reads this? 😮

I’ve been a lot in mind of Nietzsche’s understanding of how people defend their oppressors of late. How the crazy-ass philosophe noticed the delusions about him way before the psych Dx of “Stockholm Syndrome” came about, and had enough presence of mind to comment how the oppressed vehemently defend TPTB.

I’m enjoying writing my doom sonnets, thank you very much. I seem to have tapped a minor vein of creativity here. And Camille opens in just 2 weeks!

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