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Five New Doom Sonnets May 6, 2009

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Doom Sonnet #5

Am I happy or sad to watch this die,
this just-in-time economic machine
shipping all these gewgaws and tchotchkes hie
from places, near, farflung and in-between?
Hard to say.  Supermarkets I will miss
but not the malls where I wasted much life
energy.  And busy work?  Rather piss
time away in nourishing sloth!  So rife
with resentment, hollow rage I’ve carried
for many years, chasing elusive fame
not destined for this man.  No, I’ve buried
false dreams borne from living this false game
that takes and takes and attempts convincing
that I must take too.  Pah!  I’m tired of sprinting!

Doom Sonnet #6

“Illuminati???!” Oh how pretentious!
Delusions domination abounding
through toatl-ag. history licentious
profusion.  How can I not feel pounding
thoughts impelling me toward shadowed stealth,
my positive agenda to enforce?
Because, of course, I know best, know from health
and (I and) my select peers will chart the course
of our culture with its evil weakness.
In that regard I’m not better than would-be
despots with nukes and armies of freakness
amassing their game pieces.  Please could we
remember that no man plans but God laughs?
Even best laid ones find bars toward golden paths.

Doom Sonnet #7

Oh the headlines do state their fears!  Rumble
and roil our hearts.  Crash-burn thoughts o’ertaking
senses and reason.  Look out! Bunny bumbles
lurch first this nation than their own to break
themselves upon debt-strained shoals–in redoubt
to our pathetic sallies ‘gainst vapor
enemies.  Insane, we choose blindest doubt
to not learn empires’ histories, caper
on as if we would be first to succeed
in drawing power through zero-sum structures
imposed on ignorant grunts seen as mere feed
for cannon and factory.  This game ends
soon.  Mother Earth will force a total cleanse.

Doom Sonnet #8

Now people start to split inside themselves.
A ractious disconnect, vigorous,
takes hold.  Realities push us to delve
into muck. Oh, we like it less rigorous
than what’s been demanded hence. Each, every
one gets called forth.  No exceptions, no
passes.  Eyes long protected from heavy
awareness, minds fogged denial, brought low
from their high-flying dreams of world-beating
princies of commerce, celebrity.  “What?”
I can hear shrill mewling sputters, bleating
“You can’t mean . . . I’ll have to actually chat
honestly with other . . . Humans… Save us
from this indignity, this most grievous.”

Doom Sonnet #9

There’s pain, and then there’s suffering.  Those wise
Elders whove been tempered in life’s fraught fires
share this astute witnessing ‘gasinst our cries
of “Why me, why now?” Our Earth never tires
of throwing our actions back to us.  Cause
and effect.  Simple really.  Our egos
would have us know perfection.  No Flaws
Allowed.  We have ourselves, God only knows,
to work with, to shoulder our burdens
through the triple crises besetting us.
The way we’ve known thus, offers no furth’rance:
A mound of barbage blocks that path, brings us
full circle to grasp essential difference
minery’s optional.  Pain’s hidden inference…



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