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General Theme: Out-of-sorts May 5, 2009

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Perhaps it’s related to all the swine (whine?) flu stuff going on, but I notice in myself and lots of other people a sense of doing-too-much so that people are generally walking around like they haven’t gotten enough sleep. And perhaps they haven’t. I know that I’ve got quite a bit going on, with directing a play that starts performances on the 22nd. It feels like there’s so much to do, but I know, the magick of theater–things always come together in the end. Because they always do, and the theater muses so love our propitiations of sincerity and delight.

I sat here at my cubicle yesterday, and I just wanted to rest. There was quite a bit of work to do, and I was quite grateful for it. Still, I also really wanted nothing more than to go back home, crawl back into bed and sleep for 4 hours or so.

These times pass, but I always find it interesting when I’m not the only one. I wore a red shirt yesterday, and I noticed also that red was one of the themes yesterday. Perhaps others like myself felt a need for some earthy first-chakra energy to infuse the spirit.



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