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Tarot insight – 4 is the midpoint of 1 and 7 May 1, 2009

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I draw a tarot card a day.  Every once in awhile, I will be shuffling and a card will fall out.  I always pick that up to be the card of the day.  (I think.  I might have had an instance where I thought… that doesn’t feel right.  In which case I would draw a second card to go with the first, as a question.)  Today I was shuffling when two cards fell out.  The Ace and 7 of Disks.

In The Cosmic Tribe tarot, the 7 depicts rocks in bubbles on a mysterious and somber spider web.  The ace is a happy card, however.  I thought it was odd that I should draw this combo. 

I have some understanding of numerology, and the 7s are mysterious.  They are, in a word, volatile.  In reading a relatively recent book on alchemy, and also in Paul Levy’s current missive, the notion of matter and energy going back and forth emphasizes that volatility.  All the 7s are volatile or active, at least.  The Chariot–movement itself; The Tower – “catastrophic” movment, or more positively, the end of unsustainable and oppressive structures; 7 of wands, courage; 7 of cups, letting fantasy overtake you or mystic visions; 7 of swords, duplicity and stealth–movements against, whether the querent is the mover or the movee; and the 7 of disks, which is referred to as “failure” in the C.T., but also reminds me of the evanescence of our lives.  The “Is this all there is?” sort of futility.

Well, I thought about 1 and 7, and then their relation to one another, and it occurred to me that the number 4 is the midpoint between the two.  The fours are all related to establishment and stabilization.  Even Death, which is a permanent placement of a situation into the past-tense column.  The fours themselves seem to be about stasis and repose, though the 4 of wands is a happy card, of celebration.  The Aces and ones reflect the beginning of things.  Hm.  In a way, one could say the aces are cardinal, the 4s are fixed and the 7s are mutable.  (Well, whaddaya know about that!)

It led me to think about 7s in general, which led me to the chakras, and that the heart is the midpoint of the chakra tree in the body.  The chakra that is both the culmination of the lower 3 and the gateway to the upper.  Perhaps it is also the culmination of the upper 3 as they are routed toward Mama Gaea, and that the root chakra is its culmination.  The stars flow through us into the earth just as the soil flows up into the cosmos.



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