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Two More Poems – Doom Sonnets 2 & 3 April 30, 2009

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Doom Sonnet #2

“Go live in a cave, if that’s how you feel!”
The line reverb’rates in my cebral
chambers still, where thoughts collect and unreel.
My lover’s words caught my surprise febrile.
Of course I need not for him to subscribe
to my eagerly terminal viewpoint.
Artifice World’s behaviors serve diatribe
enough.  All I need do, wait to ‘noint
the proper situation and sever
the deathly cords that would bind and strangle
we young seedlings shooting up clever
midst crack and crevice neath the jangle.
Alas, my Jody!  Nary a sp’lunker
is spared this troubled era down to hunker.

Doom Sonnet #3

Oh, yah!  This dismal epoch comes to close
in Turmoil-Markets, global destruction.
Terminalia Celebration Wind blows
but flimsy sticks ‘tempting some obstruction
through stoking fears and waging wars.  Brittle
and rigid, their strength withers in the storms
of their own making.  Watch as their little
egos crater and their grandest of forms
implodes.  Oh, houses made with walls of Hoyle
were not conceived to withstand simple breaths,
and the air-castles now foreclosed, lives uncoil,
hurtle craven and brazen alike to deaths
and inj’ries the subject of much laughter.
And what remains gets to clean up after…


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