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Another Eth’lly-deathel-Death Post April 29, 2009

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I’ve mentioned that I tend to think a lot about death.  Many of the deities I adore–Hermes, Hades, Persephone, Cerridwen, Kali–have a death aspect.  Freyja and Odin divide up warriors who have perished in battle.  I could go on with other aspects as well.  Plus, my Mayan Day Sign is 6-Death.  Or “Worldbridger” if you would rather.  T’yah!

My tarot card of the year (from Samhain 2008 to Samhain 2009) is The Fool.  I drew this card today, so I pay attention a mite more to what goes on during days such as this.  This morning it occurred to me as I talked with the Red God aka Shaitan, the other twin divine who is complement to Dian-y-Glas (the Blue God), that perhaps it is the civilized part of me, the “Richard” part of me that is “dying.”  That this Frostwolf T’Firerose aspect of myself is in fact a sort of character-chrysalis into which the caterpillar of my civilized (and therefore broken) identity is cocooning itself to become the butterfly that will later emerge.

Several months ago, I noticed that one of my “critters” which isn’t really a critter at all, became pregnant.  Or rather I awoke to its pregnancy would be more accurate.  It’s been the Glorious Pregnant Green Crystal Heart Amazing Source Plasma Creation Mystery at the core of my 4th chakra (mythic).  (My animal 4th chakra totem is the Otter.)  Well, today I realized that the death thing and this pregnancy thing are related in a “well, kein-Scheiss” kinda moment.  And I see that this aspect of me that has been the good little husband, the mascot, the scapegoat, the righteously indignant one, the ambitious little prick, etc., is winding itself down and going into a much-needed winter, to become fodder for my Self Ecosystem as it were.

The chyrsalis of Frostwolf will be breaking down the Richard material.  Actually, I think it’s already started, but really the different cells of the body of this Richard caterpillar that fought against the transformation for so long have now since accepted the state of affairs, that the caterpillar time is now over, and a new phase needs to begin.

I don’t know how much of the chrysalis of Frostwolf has been spun, but it’s certainly quickened.  I am conscious of the fact that it hasn’t sealed as of yet, and I have no idea of what happens once it’s sealed.  Is it like a butterfly which takes a certain amount of time?  Or is it like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which overtakes the individual the second he or she falls asleep? 

(Speaking of which, SPRAAAAAAWWWWWKK! a shout out to my inner BillO! 😛 )



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