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Today’s Meme: Alchemy April 28, 2009

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Three different blogs – all mentioning the same sort of material.  Or prima materia, rather.  Lesvisible.  awakeninthedream.  reconnections.  So, let me get on the bandwagon!

Let me just start out by saying that alchemy needs to be brought back to everyday reality.  After Enlightenment, the Laundry.  Really the work of a witch, kahuna or a christed person is the same as the Great Work spoken of in alchemy, as well as Bodhisattva, and other words used in different traditions. 

For example:   Today I opened up Clark Strand’s How to Believe in God to random sections, and discovered two wonderful ideas that seem to be related.  One is that Zen meditation and prayer are not two different things but really the same thing.  The other had to do with the story of Jonah hating the residents of Nineveh so much and being SO angry that he couldn’t fathom salvation for himself if it also meant salvation for those … well, I doubt Jonah would have even been able to use the word “people” to describe them.  It’s like something I shared with my classmates in my Feri training over the weekend, that I struggle with accepting right wingnut spraaaaawwwkers like O’Reilly, Beck, Coulter, etc.  I see that there is a lot of power there that I feel uneasy with, and that power is every bit as much in me as it is in them.

Alchemy is but one pathway into accepting one’s self in all their parts.  The Bill O’Reilly part of me, or rather what I have taken to calling the “Drunk Uncle Art” part of me, because my Uncle Art and O’Reilly had/have pretty much exactly the same m.o. in life, seems content to sit in judgment of me and to just spout off all this insanity.  It doesn’t really matter what it’s about, just that I get hooked by it. 

Bill O’Reilly is representative of the Divine Twin that doesn’t get talked about, that being Shaitan.  Just as King Pentheus paid a price in squelching Dionysian energy in Euripides’ The Bacchae, so too will I pay a price if I don’t find a way to come into right contact with Shaitan.  I can sing praises to the Blue God all I want.  I need to also embrace the other elements of myself that I may feel some antipathy toward and attempt to disavow or think of as the walking toilet.  (Just as Billo would appear to do as regards myself.)

I have lived uneasily for months now in my icklesome judgment of this tortured creature.  He reminds me of the scene in Harry Potter 7 when he and Voldemort’s “soul fragment” or whatever V. has become at that point, are in this other liminal realm, and Harry and Dumbledore take pity on the creature.  It has put itself through a lot of karmic pain and disaster, has caused a lot of havoc and despair in the wizarding realm, but still nonetheless, it elicits something in Harry that goes beyond mere compassion.  Cosmic compassion, perhaps?  Ah, words are inadequate…

In 12-step parlance, I give Billo a lot of property in my head.  He’s not paying rent.  My reactions are extracting mana from me, and this is unacceptable.

Alchemy, as Paul Levy and C.G. Jung both note, shows a mode of psychospiritual transformation, and I need to put my reactions to wingnutospheric antics into the cauldron.  (Sort of in a related manner, I see that Carolyn Baker’s recent article about choosing gardening over tribunals also fits into this.  Hm.  Something to explore later, perhaps, seeing as all things are connected.)

Likewise, I have certain fears about my upcoming show.  Those fears have energy that I could use more constructively rather than stewing.  I have some processes afforded to me through my training that help in transforming the susceptibility to lies and the re-education of my child-self to work with the other parts.

Embracing those unwanted (for now), disowned parts myelf is becoming aware of the prima materia that alchemists dive into to discover the divine spark within.  Embracing the fear and diving into it.  Embracing the insanity and diving into it.  (But with the proper precautions being taken of course, and supervision where warranted.)  E.g., the nigredo.

And that’s the part of the journey I’m about to enter inot.  Sucks to be me?  I don’t know.  I like to share whatever gifts I acquire, because I can’t keep them unless I give them away.

More to come on my journey to becoming Iron.



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