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Pre-… April 22, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Mystical, Personal Journey, Uncategorized.
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I find myself wondering if I’m ahead of the curve or just lost somewhere.  Yesterday I thought it was interesting that I should muse about overpopulation, then surf over to Energy Bulletin where there was an article by Sharon Astyk about children and the same issue. 

I realize that overpopulation and immigration both are highly complex issues, and that there is a tendency in many quarters to try and reduce things to a zero-sum approach.  Bad idea.  Neither of these issues  can be easily addressed; they need meticulous thought and intuition.  They are also both related to one another–certainly the bulging numbers of humans on the planet is driving certain crises in various parts of the world, not in small part due to the rapacious and psychopathic needs of the vEmpire’s anthropophagy and fiery burning through everything in its path.  Here’s the link:


So I posted some thoughts on Casaubon’s Book, and . . . crickets.  Like usual.  I know that I have my own spin on things, and that I share points-of-view that people just find downright odd, but I sometimes feel a mite vulnerable and fragile about it.  Again, I don’t know if it’s that I’m a step ahead or just out in another field to other people’s perceptions.  Maybe a bit of both, for I was musing about the spiritual aspect and the energetic aspect of “over”-population and wondering how, if nothing is wasted in Divine economy, then what the hell is going on with this fast-approaching the 7-billion mark population of humans on this orb. 

I know that there’s little patience for the spiritual aspects of things.  Yet I know too that if we don’t address these issues taking that into account, we will perhaps arrive at a soulless “solution” that will need to be solved yet again.  Because we didn’t bring all of ourselves to bear on the matter.  One point that Sharon made that gets lost is the spiritual/religious aspect of the matter.  I’m not talking the “Vagina: Not A Clown Car” matter of the Quiverfulls, or “men’s rights” patriarchy defenders, but those who really understand that bringing a new person into the world requires some forethought and some welcoming in of the divine.  Because it was such a time-intensive matter, and one that involved a whole community, our forebears used to really consider whether it was appropriate for a new birth to take place, and how resources would be allocated.  And they brought their gods and goddesses into the process.  Today, it all seems so blase, mundane, thoughtless.  It would be easy for me to dismiss my sister and her nine kids as being a burden.  But the fact is those kids are here, and they need to be appreciated as lessons for something that is yet unknown.  I have to trust there’s a spiritual logic behind all this, even though science and yahoo-religion both want to wrest the discussion toward technocracy in one direction and armageddon in the other.  To discern the path through this thorny wood… Ah, if only there were voices who could operate with the air-thought, fire-inspired action, water-emotion, earth-practicality, ether-mysterious intuition/awe in some sort of flexible relation to one another, not making any of the other Elements wrong and finding appreciation for them.

Maybe that’s a lot to ask.



1. psychegram - April 24, 2009

Sorry I haven’t been around … been feeling out of sorts this week, not good for much besides watching Battlestar Galactica and Rome. Speaking of which … no, no, must finish comment first! Well, you said you’d be away from the weekend so this’ll be a nice surprise for you….

Loved the neologisms in the poems, btw. gastrointerregnum, hah! lovely.

Regarding overpopulation: there are billions of atoms in DNA … billions of proteins in a cell … billions of cells in a multicellular organism … and what happens when you get billions of organisms? Maybe you achieve the next holon, or … maybe the planet miscarries (which appears to be what happened in the past.)

Another possibility that springs to mind is an analogy to fruiting bodies on plants. That’s usually the most ‘wasteful’ or at any rate extravagant part of the life-cycle, with a great deal produced in order usually that a few small seeds get taken up. So, perhaps that is what civilization is? Just a necessary, penultimate stage in the lifecycle of Homo sapiens, large and showy but with its purpose ultimately contained in a few small, seemingly insignificant human ‘seeds’ … those whose destiny it is to carry consciousness to the next level.

And if you’re already halfway there, you’re mostly invisible to the rest of the organism. Think of it as a kind of protection.

Ah! Yes, I should say, part of the reason I’ve been away so much is that I’ve been poking around here:


Think of it as facebook for seekers. I commend it to your attention (and if you’re looking for a place to promote your stuff, that’s the audience, my friend, that you have been looking for.)

2. Frostwolf T'Firerose - April 29, 2009

Hey Psy–I too have been out of sorts, but I’ve had a couple of interesting epiphanies of late. Including the one I mentioned above about “over”population.

I like what you say about we insignificant human seeds. I have had images sponatenously arise of myself sitting in my apartment with “the agents Smith” crawling around me, and I’m sitting on the bed, right there among them, and they can’t see me.

Thanks for the Evolver tip. I made an account and will check it out.

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