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Post #2: Venus Stations Direct Today 29 Pisces April 17, 2009

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It occurred to me earlier today that part of my own personal insanity right now has to do with this Venus transit, which just kissed my own Natal Venus at 15 Aries (and also that square with the Cancer Moon, which is my most exact aspcect), and it retro’d until 29 Pisces.  Over the past few days and into the next couple, this means it is right on the Aries Point, which points to a universal human element.  Venus retro–Venus even going forward does NOT like to be in Aries.  Venus rules Libra and Taurus, and the signs opposing those–Aries and Scorpio–are said to be where Venus is in detriment.  It’s exalted in Pisces, and in fall in Virgo.  So since somewhere near Groundhog Day/Imbolc, when Venus hit 29 Aries, then later in March turned retro until today, and on until May 20th when it surpasses 15 Aries, we have been/will continue to be in a somewhat darkened and crazy time, made more so because of the signs involved.

Think of it this way.  Venus went through cosmic, mystical and deliriously delicious Pisces and then came into warlike, impulsive and defiant Aries, then pointed backward at the midpoint, to dip just over a degree into Pisces and then to skirt back into Aries again for another 6 weeks give or take.  From ooshy-gooshy to ooga-booga, going backwards through ooga-booga just a smidge into oo-la-la and then back forward into the slog of ooga-booga followed AT LAST by dipping into Taurean balmy waters.  Aahhh…

Well.  Because I have my own Venus at the station retro point, and that it squares my moon, it only makes sense to me in light of this epiphany, that I would be feeling this a tad more intensively than many others.  Compounding the matter, Venus is intercepted in my chart, though it recently progressed past my ascendant which means it’s more available to me now.  (Venus in Aries. Detriment.  Oh, great!)

Actually, given that March/April has been a difficult transition time generally for me since getting abstinent, it’s a miracle that I’ve not jumped off a bridge or committed homicide.  This transit was like a cosmic PMS.  Goddess, did it hurt!

I read on another blog–astroworld.us, actually–that today is a good day to write down what you would like to see happen in the next few months.  I wrote really fast, and I  add to it later, if I get any other insights.  One of my “wacky” ones is jubilee, at least a 40% (hopefully 100%) reduction in my debts.  One is a new way of working, though I won’t be specific about it.  Better to let my godself and fetch dream up something fabuliciously beyond my wildest dreams.



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