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Meme(?): Forgetfulness April 15, 2009

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Yesterday it seemed that Lethe’s waters were the theme of the day, not just for me, but for pretty much everyone I know.  It’s funny though–I read Adyashanti’s new book–I just HAD to go out and buy it, hardback too #:-| (is that the icon for said on inhale: “hyuchh-huch-huch?”)–and he talks about some of the physical aspects of awakening be it abiding or nonabiding, and feeling like one is not really here is one of those aspects.

Yesterday too–actually all week–I’ve been most irritable.  Don’t really know what it is, but I am in lip-zipping mode 24/7.  I so want to talk about the insights I have, but I so know that few people aren’t ready for them.  People in the Capital Region who are ready, for the time being are not a part of my everyday reality.  And even some of them are ping-ponging back and forth between the dying old and the conceived-but-not-yet-birthed new.

Adyashanti and others, including my favorite-est playwright Maria Irene Fornes have always spoken of the need for inquiry.  Irene F.’s plays all have to do with someone looking at an issue and finding an urgency inside it.  Mae, in Mud, for example, really wants to learn how to read.  The actresses in Summer at Gossensass really want to read the first draft of a translation of A Doll’s House.  Adyashanti talks about constantly questioning one’s thoughts and one’s “understandings” and beliefs.  So does Byron Katie for that matter, and I assume Eckhart Tolle and other contemplatives out there.

Honestly, I think the forgetfulness aspect has to do with the loosening of the bonds in this reality-titrating solution that have fastened time and money to one another.  The understanding that all time is now, and that we are all one is having multiple ripples out into Tthe World as We Know It.  “TWAWKI” is in its death throes–TEOTWAWKI (q.G.)  (“which Google”)– and many things fall away from us as the quickening of this multidimensional/spiritual Imbolc heads into a new Ostara season.

Perhaps my forgetfulness and that of others is revealing to us that these issues of debt, impatience, ambition, etc., are naturally passing away and that this is something to work with rather than against?  I don’t want to be doing a lot of stuff, yet I have periods of crazy-busy of late.  And it really makes me depressed and full of dread.  I surfed over to Onion News Network which had a “spoof” (yeah, right) story from their Prison News Department: “A pack of cigarettes now worth 2 hand jobs.”  While it was hilarious, it was rather dire too.  And the Onion had an advertisement for a coffee mug that summed up how I was feeling the past few days, and how I frequently feel these days:

It read “I wish I was dead.”

Ah, yes.  Cue “The March of the Tumblers” sung with the word “death” repeated again and again.  Everyone!



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