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Stockholm Syndrome and the Soul April 9, 2009

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I see a pattern emerging in my life.  First off, let me say that there’s a part of me that feels a twisted attraction to the garden-variety thug.  Truly, there’s something quite sexy about the personality.  The thing about psychopaths is that there really is a thrilling energy about them, and what’s more, they know it.  If they’re to have any success whatsoever, charisma has to be a part of the equation.

When I was in 7th Grade, I had an oddly mystical thing happen.  I fell into an attraction to another student just by hearing his name.  It was as if the minute I heard “xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx” a penny fell into the ocean of my being.  Something quickened inside me, and … Well, I knew instantly what he looked like and sure enough, when I later saw the guy for the first time I said to myself “That’s HIM.” 

I never ever told this guy about my feelings.  Certain things happened in his life that suggested I needed to stay away, and I dutifully did so.  But like the narrator in Genet’s The Miracle of the Rose, I sat on the sidelines watching out for him from 7th Grade until I graduated from high school, and even afterwards.  Sometimes I have googled his name.

I forget where I read it, but I sense that a lot of the empty nationalism that surrounds us is an endemic form of the Stockholm Syndrome.  (Interestingly, I keep typing “Stockhold Syndrome.”  Don’t think that’s merely a Freudian thing there.)  We hold up the Donald Trumps, the Gordon Gekkos, the other sorts of psychos out there who are ripping the rest of us off in some misguided identification with our oppressors.  It’s so much a part of the modern condition that Nietzsche made an observation that people fight to stay oppressed. 

It’s ironic that people point to Patty Hearst in her SLA kidnap phase as an exemplar of one who was under a Stockholm/Stockhold spell.  She, like ALL of us, has been involved in the spell since birth.  Only we call it “the American way of life.”  Even as a child, I could see through that vehemence that we MUST conform to this RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM, and saw the contradiction and the twisty-turny ugliness that wells up around it.  This American way of life has a jehovahsatan guardian at the gates, and it not only smites anyone who comes at it head-on, or co-opts it if it would rather, but it seeks out anyone who just goes “pfff” and shrugs their shoulders and walks away. 

Psychopaths really hate that most of all.  But it is something that works after a fashion.  I loved it in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, when Dolores Umbridge tried to micromanage Hogwarts and the professors refused to work with her, instead calling upon her to come at once and implement the various tasks she wanted to be done.  Not a bad strategy, to pretend helplessness at the hands of  “da Expoitz” and ask them to do all their own dirty work.  Especially if you are someone who is otherwise indispensable to the necronomists.

In thinking about the Stockholm Syndrome, I also happen upon the idea of the good little soldier who exists inside each one of us.  The GLS is an integral part of being civilized.  It’s the part of us that instinctively steps forward to protect the vulnerable parts of ourselves.  Some cultures are better at recognizing GLS than others, particularly if they’ve suffered a military defeat and have a code of honor.  For years after WW2, Japan would receive soldiers who had been lost in the Pacific theater who still believed the war was on, ten or twenty years on.  The Japanese would receive the good soldier back into the fold, and honor him as one who had been bravely fighting all that time and say “Now it is time we find something else for you to do.”

I have met at least one of my GLS entities inside myself, and I instinctively knew who Fearn was.  I brought him out into the therapy room, and he transformed immediately–having so desired to shuck off the role of protecting me from myself and to step into his true power.  He is a very valuable and beloved ally of mine, a “tree-man” with red eyes and a delicious woody smell. 

I guess what I’m saying here is that, even with the thugs out there (and I didn’t mean to imply that xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx was/is a thug–just that there was a delicious dangerousness to him, and a violence in his mien that though it scared me, I also was attracted to), that there is underneath all of this the shy soul aspect of us all that wishes/longs to be seen and to be embraced.  For the most part we stay stuck in the Stock-hold (aha!) because it’s generating a payoff.  It stops working when it stops working, and like with addiction, it can bring a person to madness, jail or death. 

The soul guides us but the GLS is a protector, and sometimes it feeds on our own insecurities.  That was actually how I saw Fearn the first time–he was feeding on my self-doubt and I just happened to catch a glance of him while my partner and I were arguing over money.  Interestingly, Fearn’s appearance has heralded a sea-change about my relationship to that thought form.  I’m seeking its transformation in the world, along with other thought-forms such as corporations and nation-states which need to fall apart into their constituent molecular parts IMHHHO.

Becoming aware of one’s on Stockhold is actually a very good thing.  As more and more people awaken to the abusiveness of their system, be it through delivery systems such as Fundamentalist Christianity or Market Totalitarianism, it’s all to the good.  The light of awareness and the comfort of darkness-integrating push the influences into either the summerlands of thought or the healing fires and waters of cleansing purification. 

They have served their purpose, and now can serve other functions.



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