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Couple of Schenectady Related Notes April 7, 2009

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A number of odd circumstances are aggregating around “the Electric City.”

  • The martial law episode that resulted from the Schenectady police matter.
  • The police themselves being TOTALLY out of control, and a joke to law enforcement throughout the region, the state and potentially everywhere.
  • Schenectady High has seen 4 girls commit suicide over the past 6 months.
  • The Republican in the 20th District which is in recounts right now, hails from Schenectady and as far as I know still lives there, even though his home is not technically in the district.  (At least I’ve never heard Schenectady County as being one of those represented in its gerrymander.  Should he win, I wonder what will happen.)  It’s a very tight race, and Tedisco went from a 20 point lead to being 59 votes behind in the original election, pre-absentee ballot.

I’m wondering if all of these are somehow connected to one another.  The suicides and the police matters somehow feel connected and rather intimately.  That’s the initial hit I get from it.  I’m wondering if there isn’t something affecting the place, either etherically or chemically or energetically that hits authoritarian men one way and sensitive young women another.  In any case, I wish to ask mother Earth to protect and bless the girls of Schenectady:   We need you all, all right?  You are going to somehow counterbalance the wingnut fellows there who wish to run roughshod over others. 

I will be spending more time there in the next couple of years.  My theatre company will be performing several plays in our next season in Proctors’ complex there on State Street.  My own production of Camille by Charles Ludlam will be performed there the last 2 weekends in May.  I will be checking in with the city’s spirit, particularly since she’s taken a bit of a shine to me.



1. psychegram - April 8, 2009

Be good to her, man. The spirit of that city looks like she needs all the love she can get.

You know, a couple of years ago I had an idea for a story. Essentially it involved every city in the world (along with everything else of course) having a spirit, one that – for dramatic purposes – was at any given time incarnated in a human (or seemingly so) body. There was also an ancient order of black magicians who had, over the last several centuries, conquered the world by besting those urban souls in magical single combat. Now, in the modern era, with their global empire almost complete, they were in the process of systematically murdering the (formerly merely enslaved) urban souls as a precursor to … well, I’m sure you can start filling in the blanks.

The action was to take place in Tokyo, between the androgynous-gay-samurai-salariman spirit of the city and a Mesopotamian immortal. Of course Tokyo’s spirit does not go quietly, but comes roaring back with a vengeance and….

Anyhow, thought you of all people might appreciate that and … perhaps the inspiration for it was not so much fictional as overly sensational (or underly imaginative….)

2. frostwolftfirerose - April 8, 2009

My, my… We do think alike? What are you, Psychegram, my straight, younger twin?

In my twenties I started writing a play called “Cities of the Jungle” which was about a fellow in 1906 Chicago who could visit this land where cities in 2006 were human god-like beings. Denver and Calpurnio had an affair in this other landscape. In this world, all cities were gay, though a few were bisexual. Denver was a Hispanic adolescent who wanted to be like the big boyz, Pittsburgh and Miami. Had no use for L.A. or NYC stoopid snootiness. Chicago was a black working-class racist guy who you couldn’t help liking even though he was cracker this and slant-eye that. Etc.

I was trying to mix Brecht, Upton Sinclair and my own whack imagination, and it’s a total mess.

But I have had thoughts about the three cities here. Interesting…

Schenectady and Little Italy-Troy both want me very much. It feels good to be wanted, and needed. I have a feeling that I’ll be doing a LOT more in Schenectady, and yes, she needs all the help and magick she can get. It knocked me for a loop that she just spontaneously appeared that Saturday before Thanksgiving. Awesome indeed!

3. psychegram - April 8, 2009

Hehe that is eerie. I gotta say Chicago sounds like my kind of people … I’ve known a couple guys from around there and that’s exactly what they’re like, blue collar, casually prejudiced but meaning nothing at all by it … it’s just how they are with each other.

Works began when young and still ignorant of the self and thus the world always look a mess to one’s own eye. Sometimes others see the genius in them (if there is any, of course), but to the author the words that once glowed have faded and all that remains is the sloppy editing, artificial story and wooden characterization.

4. frostwolftfirerose - April 8, 2009

Interesting you should say that. I may need to go back and look at that one. Part of my reason for writing it was that in a meditation I had at that time, I was informed that some great evil took place in 1906. Subsequently to my attempting the play I decided it was a court case that solidified the idea of corporation-as-person, which in itself is based on a misreading of law according to Thom Hartmann.

The bad guy was basically the equivalent of Potter from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” only I envisioned him looking like the Monopoly tycoon as I wrote the play. It’s a piece that might actually have somethng valuable to offer, perhaps even a way through for the main character had the unlikely moniker “Calpurnio Ariel Rodriguez Vladivostock” and was gay, part Mexican, part Russian Jew. There were some good moments in the play as I remember it, but I could be misremembering too.

I have a messy and “fetch-y” imagination, if I do say so myself.

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