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Pluto-Uranus in Virgo Generation: A Poetic Take April 3, 2009

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This morning, I was in a poetic frame of mind, which is rather cool as I drew the Ace of Cups today. (Apropos that!) But I was thinking about astrology. Eric Francis at Planetwaves.net wrote about delineating the asteroid Achilles, and how it’s right on the cusp of my 2nd House at 9 degrees Gemini (rounding up). It would appear that I cogitate with false confidence or lack of confidence (frankly I ping-pong between the two) about my ability to pursue my values and make money. I’m actually fairly good at them both, so it’s more false lack of confidence. Given some of the issues that arise in my relationship, Achilles on the 2nd House cusp in Gemini (I can prattle on and on and on about how I mismanage money!) is absolutely spot-on. (Dammit!)

Anyway, the title of this post is about Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, which was a configuration in operation from about 1960 to 1968, I believe. People who have birthdays between 1964 and mid-1966 have the two conjunct. (Some people think that the orb is too wide for a conjunction, but I think the opposition to Chiron pre-empts that and unites them in conjunct fashion anyway.)

I used to think of the config as “Hell mixing with the sky in the belly of a virgin.” A mite too literal. Actually, my thought today about my generation was this: That we will jointly and/or severally have these revelations about how to make our earth more paradisaical, and that it will come in Uranus mode–suddenly. It will also transform our lives because Pluto will focus the earthly energy and strip away the dross and the unnecessary, the dead and the gone with no mercy. The vision will appear stark at first, because so much will have been burned away, but once the dust settles and the lightning strike is accepted, we will awaken to a newer world.

Maybe that’s a bit pie-in-the-sky. Hell and the Sky in the virginal stomach might still work for some. But I don’t feel it needs to be that way.



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