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Some weird kind of evolution April 2, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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The Serenity Prayer states “God/dess grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  I’ve been to 12-step meetings where the sentiments of this prayer are the only thing discussed, and the nice thing about that is that there are so many perspectives on it that I almost always learn something new, or hear a different take on it than before, or marveled at someone’s attunement to grace that they can have the presence of mind to let their higher power into some stressful experience. 

My thoughts gravitate to the Serenity Prayer today because I realize that there really is something larger and grander going on around us all than my human brain can imagine.  I was musing about the notion of Organic Portals, and that if they really are human meat-packets with developed lower chakras but underdeveloped uppers, and that this opens them up to become automata for different entities who are probably about mischief, mayhem and dark intentions, yes, then there’s not a lot I can do about that. 

In a way, it’s not unlike the process that a person with a predisposition to addiction goes through, to become hooked to a drug.  The entity itself probably provides some “hit” to the O.P., though they operate at a level that is totally subliminal and so deep that a discussion of addiction would probably wash over them except in the most obvious ways.  I’m sure I’ve encountered recovering O.P.’s in “the rooms.”  Yet they keep coming back too, and as they should.  Addiction and recovery both are no respecters of class, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  It goes without saying that soulfulness or lack thereof is also not a factor, though it does seem to have something to do with “quality recovery” that I see in a few gold-radiating individuals and miss in others.

I titled this “some weird kind of evolution” because in the past few days I’ve noticed I’m not as upset as I have been about the wingnut spewage that renders the airwaves garbage dumps.  I don’t know what purpose they serve, what purpose the various stoopid ‘Merkkkans serve, but I do have an awareness that there is love for them, and that I probably even have some as well.  I don’t perceive it as my job to love this brand of Organic Portal.  Heck, I’m not sure if O.P.’s have the ability to be loved, though I suspect they respond positively to it, just like any plant or cat or kid.

I realize it’s grandly OK to be befuddled by such people, by the convoluted ways their minds work, by their desperate attachments to whatever pet cause or “solution” they might have.  Again, the understanding of how addiction works — on physical, mental and spiritual levels — helps quite a bit.  I can detach from their insanity and offer up a prayer that they be shown a way out of their pain, even if they’re not aware that pain is what they are feeling.

“Detachment is neither kind nor unkind,” as an Al-Anon flyer reminds us.   From that more “pegasal” point-of-view, gracefully rising above whatever craziness surrounds us or captures our attention, we can see just where our power lies, and what is beyond us.  (And with many bloviators and their acolytes, there is much that requires us to say “yeah? good luck with that.”)  The wisdom to know the difference–that seems to be the trial-and-error part of it all.  Some times even in the detached state, I might not really see that I have an action to take that is painfully obvious to someone else.  Or conversely, I may think that an action is “right” until I vet it with a trusted friend.  Then I might choose to forego the action, or make some other choice.

I’ve said before here and elsewhere that I can’t control it, I didn’t cause it and I can’t cure it.  Many of the things that are SOOOOOO important to these people distract them from actions that really would be meaningful in their own lives.  People from different backgrounds, outlooks, quirky perspectives, kinks, etc., serve as uncomfortable reminders that we are always being given choices to make about our very lives, about who we are and what we’re meant to do, rather than just about which processed food to pop into our already fatty gullets and with what HFCS powered inkle-drinkle we might prefer.  (German Chocolate cake burger with ice cream fries and a cherry coke please!)

(and btw, blech!)

Maintaining a spiritual practice attending to attraction rather than promotion, the joy of existence acting contagiously to appeal to others vs. the addictive fixes in thou-shalt-not proselytution, etc. – this is what a lot of these people can’t really know how to work against.  To do so is to work against themselves, and some intrepidly push into the self-destruction.  Admittedly.  At great cost to their psyches I imagine.  (Perhaps Rush, Beck, Ann C., etc., have their own versions of Dorian Gray portraits in addicts–oh wait, they’re carring their personalities in those delightfully glazed eyeballs and set jaws of theirs! My bad!)

They really don’t have the understanding of just how deep the question is “Do I want what you have?”  I don’t see that there’s much to be desired in that vaporous nonsense.  Punditry seems to be a junk food offshoot of journalism, and about as nutritious.  But like the EWP’s, for some hapless hate-addicts, they seem to have a sickening sweetness and glutinous faux-satiation that of course makes them crave more.

Far be it from me to get in the way of someone and their fix.  As a recovering addict, I know better myself.  And for all intents and  purposes, while some aspect of my soul was busy crafting and grooming and pruning and even sometimes just devastating the talker and the fetch parts of myself, while I was in the sugar, flour, booze and fantasy, I was practically an Organic Portal myself.  Again, b/c I know about the mechanics of addiction, I can’t completely turn my back on O.P.’s – There are some people out there who will fool you while they’re fooling themselves.

Anyway, I was casting about for something to post today.  I’m in the chapter in O’Donohue’s Beauty that discusses death.  As I got off the bus today, I started thinking about the people I love and how beautiful it is that I can love someone, how touching to think that if my partner died and I had to go through his effects, I would mostly likely be devastated by a shirt he wore, or by the various and sundry items in his life.  I started to sing “Calling All Angels,” and I made myself cry.  Sometimes I do that.

For some reason, it all seems connected in this post.  A mystery, but one best savored.



1. psychegram - April 3, 2009

Equating OPs to animals is actually quite apt. My understanding is that the primary difference between an OP and a fully souled human is that the soul enables any given human to individuate fully, thus having the potential to become contiguous, as it were, with the Mind of God. An OP cannot do that, because they have, in essence, a group soul, just as animals do.

Of course, a really good OP (whatever that means) has the potential to graduate to full human, and as full humans it’s part of our mission here to help them do that.

Which they can’t, so long as they’re being used as appendages of the Dark One. Which brings us back to the question of the hour….

2. frostwolftfirerose - April 3, 2009

Interesting Psy what you say about the group soul. Perhaps it’s possible with the higher self of that Group Soul (“GS”) that one can call to it and ask for intercession with its various parts, the individual members with their own animal selves, to start to listen more to those animal selves and thereby “jump-start” their souls and talking selves toward nourishing action. In my tradition, we actively attempt to call our Godself (also ruach in Hebrew and unihipilin Hawaiian) to descend into our heads and direct our energies in concert with our best and brightest selves, to know the work of our own divine natures in alignment with the rational/emotive Talker and the animal Fetch soul.

I guess what I’m wondering is that, in the case of the OP’s being directed by Ahriman/Lucifer mischief (with assists from the sons of Ares–Fear and Terror) can perhaps be appeased with some valuable to them offerings to push them forward in their spiral evolutions.

I’ve long had the image of the deceased spirit of the U.S. It’s really just a husk, but my sense is that unless we’re talking Liechtenstein, San Marino or Bhutan, that most nation-states are really just husks on that level of awareness and that regional entities such as Northern California, the Hudson-Mohawk Region, Tuscany, Serengeti, etc., have more force but these have not awakened yet. They are lulled by a false dream/nightmare of a powerful U.S., just as some of the former SSRs were lulled at first by the powerless USSR (which became FUSSR as we’re also destined to be FUSA).

I’m thinking perhaps some coordinated group-mind appeals or bendings could be energetically applied?

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