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The necessity of “the Dark” April 1, 2009

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It is a wonderful grace to be sheilded and covered from the world, especially in difficult times.  Imagine how impossible it would be if the inner life were visible.  When you came into the office, everyone would look up and be able to read exactly what was in your heart as though your skin were transparent.  If our inner wounds were visible to the curious eyes of strangers, we would neever achieve healing.  Put simply, if interiority were directly visible, society as we know it would be impossible.  The conventions we observe would lose their authority and confrontations with others would become the norm… Were the threshold between the inner and outer world to disappear, the life of each person would become a permanent, external theare and the facade of the exterior would become very fragile.  This breakdown would call a new kind of society into being.

               John O’Donohue, Beauty: The Invisible Embrace

I have often mused about the literal aspect of being transparent, that it isn’t possible for our bodies to become totally so because the internal workings of the organs would be compromised.  Even the skin that covers our bodies would not be able to function very well. 

I’ve read so many “Newage pipplz” spew the light nature sewage to make me wonder if they aren’t eating too much soy products and don’t know they’re allergic to it.  (I myself tried to eat tofu more often, but it makes my skin itch and I feel like my feet aren’t even on the planet.  It keeps me from feeling grounded.)  There are all sorts of people who build castles in the air; this is the type of thinking that tries to turn the body into light, and from my perspective it’s the same difference.

We need the dark for many, many reasons, not the least of which is that healing takes place in the comfort of the deep, dark, cool place.  I used to work overnight, and I can speak from my own experience that not only did I crave sunlight working from midnight to 8 a.m. (or longer), I also craved absolute darkness, which you don’t get either working those hours.  Especially in New York City. 

The body is an amazing and sensitive mechanism, and I feel sad when people devalue their vehicles, their sensitivities.  I’ve become more invested in the idea that the way into spirit is found as we lodge ourselves deeper into our somatic experience, and balance out the wordage with the sense-age and the feel-age.  (As opposed to the newage-sewage-spewage we come across, or other kinds of verbal sewage out there.)



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