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Spring rumblings? March 27, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Mystical, Personal Journey.
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I had a couple of fun “FedEx” divination moments over my lunch hour.  Yesterday, I had an appointment with a counselor who taught me how to do “time-distortion.”  Making things unpleasant go by more quickly, making things I like slow down for enjoyment.  Nice!  Anyway, I was also talking about ancestral magick, and that I sense that 3 of my 4 great grandmothers are with me, but the 4th (my dad’s dad’s mom) is in a more “modern” place and therefore a little hostile to my more or less evolving-with-Gaian-intention ways.  So he suggested I seek intercession from another source to appeal to her own grandparents to communicate more love to her.

Well, I immediately thought of Freyja as the goddess to ask to intercede, and I was walking down the stairs of my building (thank Goddess for untrustworthy elevators!) thinking about this when she just sidled up to me and said, “It’s already done.  And look who I have with me?”  (She had brought Freyr along, who I don’t really know. )  Still, I said “Let me ask for it, all right?” which I promptly did.  Anyway, I for some reason flashed on the notion that I heard in a meditation this morning that “I was meant to be famous already.”  It’s funny, but several people–total strangers even–have commented that I somehow seem famous.  And I’ve had the same thought myself.  I have made certain choices that militate against the common fames of the moment. 

Yet, as I approached Broadway, I turned d0wn the alley by Franklin Towers, and what was sitting on the other side of Broadway but a FEDEX Truck!  Wow!

So.  I take that to mean there’s some real energy there.  Something I really need to wake up to and step into.  I guess soon, maybe? 

I spent some time by the Hudson and under a couple of willow trees I just found–they were always there, but for some reason I thought they were farther away from the bridge over 787 than they were.  I got some nice encouragement from these two lovelies, as well as the awareness of a whole new grove of individuals to meet and greet!  I walked back over the bridge and thought about getting a coffee, but decided I wanted a dark roast and all they had at the place I stepped into was light.

So.  I was thinking about this wondrous lunchtime I had, and realized that all of my chakras were firing wonderfully, and that’s when I saw a 2nd FedEx Truck.  Yea!  Certainly an underscoring of this whole thing to be sure.

While I get down about certain elements of my life, I realize I have it really good.  As Derrick Jensen says, with a laugh:  “Life’s really good.  But we’re all fucked.”



1. psychegram - March 30, 2009

Hey Firewolf,

It’s funny, I’ve had recently intimations of coming greatness myself … possibly just delusions of grandeur, an extended manic phase, who knows? Then again, it could be the early sign of my higher self awakening? Who knows … all I do know is, that if we don’t step into the adventure, we’ll never know what might be.

frostwolftfirerose - March 30, 2009

Hi, Psychegram! Step into the adventure indeed. Seems like some things are coalescing around me here in Troy, New York, and I’m excited/scared about them. It’s interesting to wonder about old vs. new, what will stay and what will vanish in the blink of an eye. It could be an extended manic state–hadn’t thought about that. But I do have a sense about “coming greatness” as well. I’ve been working with an odd totem image, a pop celeb who has been appearing in my headspace recently. (Don’t know–I may blog about that.)
Thanks too for responding to 3 posts. Way cool!

2. psychegram - March 31, 2009

Heh. I’ve been reading you for a while, my interesting and very strange friend. Very few have the courage to take mysticism and just run with it in their own direction like you do, which makes you (as I just said) strange and, thus, interesting. But until yesterday I wasn’t sure just what to say….

3. frostwolftfirerose - March 31, 2009

Ah! That explains the crickets. I just thought I was longwinded! 😮 Though I’m glad, Psy, that there’s at least one person who opened up for a dialogue. It is a veritable boon that you have responded, and I must express my gratitude. (That powerful tonic!)

In graduate school, I remember being struck by something the Dept. Chair said to me once, that I wasn’t afraid to go some places where others couldn’t even bring themselves to think on things. And in my playwriting, I have gotten some rather hostile responses as well as some awkwardness and the occasional “run away!!!!!!”

(I suppose with titles like “Daisy Chain of Dad” and “Killing THE AUDIENCE”, people might think twice about me.)

Mysticism and Magick have always been a part of my experience though. Even in dormancy during my twenties and early thirties, there was some nonrational component. I’ve never understood why so many people think one has to be EITHER scientific/materialist OR religious/spiritual. It’s all one. Male, female, both, neither, makes on difference.

4. psychegram - March 31, 2009

It is indeed all part of the same path. I myself will be commencing graduate studies at the astronomy department of my local university come September … I’ll have to keep certain proclivities under wraps, I expect, for while I don’t see any contradiction you can bet everyone else will.

Regarding the silence in the comments section … that’s a void I know only too well. I’ve been blogging on and off for years and silence is my constant companion. Actually, I think you were one of my first commenters this time around so … it’s to my shame that I didn’t check out what you had to say earlier.

Hostile responses to one’s writing are often as important as rave reviews. Who is saying something is just as important as what is being said, and if all the wrong people like your stuff, well … it’s sort of like ‘Being well-adjusted to a sick society is no indicator of health.’

5. frostwolftfirerose - March 31, 2009

Bette Davis said “You’re no one unless you have your detractors.” I don’t always mind the silence. Sometimes it gets to me, but I just keep the faith.

I see too you have multiple blogs. So much to check out! I don’t make it Les Visible’s site as much these days. And I’m getting busier as well.

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