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Impatient for the collapse??? March 25, 2009

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Gosh, sometimes I have to just stop, breathe, remember to be with/in my spirit and soul.  My workplace has been really busy the past two days.  I feel quite a bit of resentment about it, but there’s really little reason for it.  It’s Aries-time, so of course this is the time when things “go off the rails” a bit, especially in the Northeastern U.S.  It doesn’t help matters much to read some of the “news” reports out there, as well as the various sites I bop back and forth between.

The martial energies surrounding us all emphasize my impatience for things to go into a fast crash mode, alas.  This impatience is something to purify and cleanse, I realize, and I am working on it.  But sitting by the Hudson River just now realized that I’m feeling this way.  And I also know that others are feeling something they don’t want to be feeling.  There was a story in the paper about 2 brothers in Pennsylvania, who were in the auto franchise business in their town, and they both died over the last month or so.  (One had a heart attack after setting a fire in his dealership and the other was found out in the wood nearby.) 

I’ve been singing to the tune of “March of the Tumblers” by Rimsky-Korsakov the lyrics “We have death! Death has us! Death death death death! We have death, death has us, death death death death.”  Etc.  And also the South Park song “Dead, dead, dead, someday we’ll all be dead.”  I have been longing to die, at least as an unwilling member of the vEmpire.  I visualize the entity squawking like a dying Rodan or Godzilla in a flaming heap.  Each day gets closer to this being a reality, I feel it.  But the desire to “live” (or at least be motile) that even vampires have is quite admirable.  I’ve got to give them all credit, but really, enough’s enough.

I just want to get on with it.  Let’s give birth to something new already!!!



1. psychegram - March 30, 2009

I know the feeling, man. The anticipation is killing me! But things really are going into overdrive now, it won’t be long before we start to see some Serious Shit still … we ain’t seen nothing yet. This show will continue topping itself, I think, until the very moment of the Grand Denouement and in the meantime Truly Vast amounts of energy will be liberated in the ongoing, increasing chaos.

People like you, me, and some few others will – with a little luck, and a little faith – know what to do when the moment comes, to channel that chaos towards something productive.

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