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Quick note on Schenectady in the Internets March 23, 2009

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Came across this idea of Schenectady coming under martial law. I have to say that the SPD is more than something of a joke here. The corruption in the department is being documented daily, and it’s frightfully despairing. It appears that Joe Orton’s observations about the thin line separating law enforcement from the thugs and criminals they’re ostensibly charged with protecting the rest of us from has been basically obliterated in the case of the Electric City’s police force. Every day, it appears the local paper has SOMETHING about the police in its front section or local section.

Still, the talk of martial law is a mite unnerving. Yet, of any of the Capital Region’s cities, Schenectady would be one of the likelier ones to revert to a forcing of a solution. This is the city after all, that attempted to ban “The Full Monty” when the national tour came to town. The place is rife with the fingerpointing hypocrites who think someone else is the “problem” that they themselves evidence in the problematic full glory.

The spirit of the city isn’t communicative about it. She seems to be standing on the sidelines, mildly curious and bemused. The whole “Man plans, Goddess laughs” thing seems to be in action. In any case, perhaps Schenectady will be the one to lead us all into a new post-nation-state land, albeit with a path that would seem to offer only trouble. We shall wait and see.



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