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Another 3 Post Day: (3) Money, the Arts and Truth March 18, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Personal Journey.
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Reading about all these monoliths toppling, I realized that I am a part of a group that has gotten some money (not a lot, but not insignificant given our budget) from one of these erstwhile vampires, and I was sitting here musing about whether or not it was hypocritical.  For the purposes for which we use it, the money serves to put forth some exposure to theater that is meant to be uplifting and expressive.  It’s meant to get kids involved and the communities in which we perform, and we are certainly eager to give of ourselves as much as we can.  Still, we have expenses to pay and the like, and donations and gifts etc. help.

I’ve been ruminating too about these candle spells I did earlier to aid in the dissolution of a corporate undead entity and a nation-state one.  It probably would be no mystery to discern which ones I’ve cast these “awareness” spells on.  For my intention was that people wake up to these entities essential lack of fuel and power to continue the way they’ve been going.  I crafted the spell for each in such a way as to maximize the velocity of the collapse of these entities via the mechanism of creating the tipping point where everyday folks are like “That thing?  It has no power here–Begone!!”  And poof!  Each of these things might as well vanish.

I think that there will be a few convulsions coming, but I do find it interesting to say the least that the vEmpire entity in question and the nation-state in question are attempting to intertwine their energies, and inviting other vEmpire entities with their begummed tentacles sticking to other death-vendors willy-nilly to participate as well.  Oh, how sickly interconnected it all is.

I’ve pretty much been outside the mainstream as far as my own artistic output.  It’s ironic that I should be an officer of an organization with a board and what-not, given that I’m really an anarchist at heart.  But I have administrative ability and I’m very good at being the diplomat.  I keep relative control of my feelings, saving outbursts for moments where I can let go and have my vulnerability and express my insecurity and weakness.  (Strength is about knowing when to fall apart.  And with whom.)  In the past, I was engaging in the culture and pointing my finger, which is something it perversely enjoys.  Reading Daniel Quinn, I understand that it’s part of the civilization narrative, that humans are somehow a defective species and that we deserve what we get.  A most destructive lie we tell ourselves, and I have had to go through a period in a writing wilderness to firmly shake that from my bones.

I’ve been wanting to write paeans to humanity’s ability to put away that which is destructive and get on with the business of living.  I want to start to put together shows that will help people to transition back to nature, to take what we can from this vEmpire necronomy and fashion anew a society that is to our liking.  Not without conflicts and egos, but definitely employing means to puncture the mechanisms of scapegoating and zero-sum games.  No.  The time for those is well past done.

The arts need to have money paradoxically to point out that the truth is suggesting we jettison money as we have envisioned it.  The arts can and do help with this, but right now it’s rather paltry in terms of production. 

I’m adding my energy into that change, and yes, I will use whatever means are available to get the message out.



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