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Another 3 Post Day: (2) The Cities Where I Live March 18, 2009

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On my lunch hour, I had the insight that these cities attract me because there is something quietly Euro about them.  Albany started out as a Dutch settlement and then the English bought the colony from Holland at some point.  Holland got out of the North American colonial game, keeping only a couple of Caribbean islands and Suriname.  There are some buildings here that have a decidedly European feeling and they are wonderful to take in.  There are also some rowhouses in various parts of the city that just have a good vibration to them as a whole.  I have no idea what the individual houses are like in terms of their spirits, but I do know that the area along Delaware and the corridor on Clinton between HenryJohnson and Lark have some beautiful stretches though they also have a violent present. 

Troy also has quite a bit of charm.  I was musing earlier that I don’t really have a sense of the city’s spirit, but Troy I feel is more a collection of neighborhoods that collectively come to feed that spirit.  I don’t know Troy because I don’t know Lansingburgh, Prospect Park, Sycaway, etc.  I do know Little Italy, Sage, Downtown and Washington Park.  I have a minor sense of the Osborne neighborhood, but not much.  So as of yet, Troy largely remains a mystery to me, though I sense the city has a male feel and one that’s reflective and poetic, bookish even.  Both Albany and Schenectady feel female.

Schenectady has a bit of the world-weary traveler vibe, which is ironic given its odd reputation.  There’s a lot of weird stuff going on in the city around its police force.  Something tells me that the city’s spirit is the driving force behind that.  She has a decidedly independent and powerful streak, and she gives off an aura of conservatism that really is about CONSERVING, as opposed to just flying off some reactionary handle as lots of mouth-foamers are wont to do.  I’ve had the one dialogue with her, and she is a most graceful Rhiannonesque spirit of a woman.  There’s a witchiness that the arts bring out, and it might go back to some elements of the Mohawk River that earlier settlers have done their best to suppress and obliterate.  But one can not dismiss these things so summarily.  They are forces to work with, not to ignore or attack.  Depending on what the energies wish, they may seem to go away, but they don’t really.  I feel that the City Spirit has been quietly marshalling Hades/Persephone/Cerridwen type energies to push some of this vEmpiry out in the open. And it’s to all our good, though to a lot of individuals’ discomfort.

The three cities have this hidden flavor, and they are also places that seem to really wish to open themselves to the awareness of their indigenous predecessors, though there are of course those who would violently attempt to repress and obliterate these inchoate and overpowering rumblings.  They won’t like the lesson “Let go or get dragged,” but get dragged they will.  Eventually they’ll be bucked off of the broncos that are busting out all over.



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