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Current Financial Situation: An Image March 17, 2009

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Lately, I’ve been having flashes of this odd image that comes to mind when I read the fora on LATOC or some other site that assesses the current climate economically, and that’s of a Supermonster not unlike Godzilla or Rodan that is flailing about in its death throes, but determined to take as many critters and other monsters out as possible.  The hubris takes my breath away, sorta.  I can’t say that some of this mishagoss is unexpected.  I have totally waited for this, but I am somewhat amazed and amused and appalled at the profligacy and the fabrication of enabled-delusions that seem to proliferate in order to keep these plates spinning a little while longer.

Long ago I realized I’d had it.  I was working overnight at a law firm in NYC, across the street from Cuntigroup and I worked on various documents which in retrospect I wondered weren’t paper shackles for other people’s (and peoples’) lives and hopes and dreams.  Somewhere along the way, I realized that I wasn’t meant to be working overnight, and that I wasn’t meant to live in New York City either.  My time there had ended, and, although I knew I still had some years left within the vEmpire (before I started with this appellation), that I will eventually have to leave this way of life behind.  It feels that this particular state of affairs approaches, and though I have no idea as to the mode of its unfolding, as to what exactly will start to transpire for this transition to take place, that I get closer to it each day.

The “paragons” of this whole shebang (Cheney, the AIG guys, the Cuntigruppenvoelkervukken) do remind me of sclerotic undead who are desperately trying to skirt the dawn, and oh shuckies, them not in their coffins to survive.  (waaaah-f’in’-waaaah)  I sense there will be all sorts of Caesarean attempts at divide and conquer, and because there’s an addiction to that sort of reflex , some of these will probably have a short (hopefully balsa-wood-on-fire short!) lifespan. 

But the thing that really does crowd this line of thinking out is the awareness of our cosmic-terrestrial interconnectedness to one another, to the environs on this earth as well as the galactic environs which we sense are just a mind-flip away if we but let them.  I am connected to all who read and don’t read these words.  I am connected to those who choose to let me post and who decide my words aren’t worth it.  I am connected to those who love me, hate me, or feel indifferent.  We are all one.

And though they are loathe to admit it due to their blinkered addictions themselves, I am also connected to those who see me as “them.”  I know that us is them and vice versa.  Confound it!  And at this point, why be afraid of dying? 

That isn’t to say that I don’t know fear.  I do.  It comes up a lot, but I see that I don’t have to let it take me over.  I’ve got some experiences with sitting through my fears and letting them pass me over, and then embracing whatever it is that’s holding me fast.  I find that sometimes (more often than not) I am released.  It’s a mystery, and I just show up.  Allow myself to find humility, to let it descend into the situation. 

I don’t know if these events will stay in craziness for a short time only or if they will play out over the rest of my life (or alternatively if they will play over the short term which will also correspond to the rest of my life as it could be truncated at any time), but I do feel intuitively that there is an end approaching, mercifully.  I embrace the death processes already underway, as I also embrace the new lives being born on the various planes to be manifested.

Blessings to one and all.



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