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Dematerialization or Disintegration or Hollowing Out? March 13, 2009

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OK.  Apropos of my Obama Gorbachev posts and meme developing, I see that over at Carolyn Baker’s and Charles Hugh Smith’s sites, that similar ideas to what I feel intuitively is emerging whether we like it or not (WWLION? I kind of like that, actually), that we are already on our own as far as everything around us goes, and also that, while I enjoy some benefits for the time being, that it is all about to head south.

Or rather the South will head North as it were, as Jeff Vail and others have noticed, as it seems that Mexico is headed to be one of the earlier post-nation-state entities to emerge.  Be this as it may, it was clear to me somewhere before Hurricane Katrina that we were already cast-off without realizing it.  On some level, this idea was borne in my head as far back as 1987, when I got so mad about fundy x-outers (or “Xianists” as some call them) who expressed the desire to criminalize and pathologize my life and well-being as a gay man in the State of Call-it-Rotten, that I started to nurse the notion of urban secession from the various states and nation-states in my work and in my thinking.  At the time, that was totally impractical and (put on the Val voice), “like so Pisces of me, shuah!”, but it’s stuck with me all this time.

I’ve long known because of fundy toxic-belief-addled intransigence and rigidity that this country was merely imaginary.  People who foist their projections of dissolution on me and mine only serve to make their adversarial (what would be called “satanic” in Hebrew) false selves known.  But they create the self-fulfilling prophecy.

And that’s just in addition to the systemic risks that these humongous and ungainly behemoths create for us all, even in this virtual state.  Too many people really believe these air-castles to be real.  It’s grandly comic and tragic really.  Is it an opera miseria or an opera bouffe we enact?  Probably a bit of both.

I’m eagerly awaiting Ms. Baker’s book Sacred Demise to come into my possession.  Yesterday I picked up Neil Strauss’s Emergency.  (Funny enough, my partner knew the fellow from his NYC days.)  And I’m taking it to heart that I need to communicate to people that I love them and I’ve got their backs.  They may or may not have mine, but I have to have faith. 

Obatala and the rest demand it.



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