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Interesting Synchronicities: A List March 12, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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1) I drew the Fool as my tarot card of the day.  This is also the card I drew for the year starting Samhein 2008 until Samhein 2009.  I draw the Fool a lot in my readings for myself, but I haven’t drawn it in awhile as far as the card of the day goes.  I find it especially of interest because I’m teaching a playwriting master class to some high school students who are eager for this stuff.  It has unleashed a true and real hunger in me and I want more, and I feel that I’m entering into a hunter mindset which is rather exciting, but more importantly it is also a “fool” mindset as well.  So I’m paying attention.  I also meet with a counselor and my step study today.  Should be a really spiritual day.

2) I’m seeing a bit of activity on this blog about the “Obama-Gorbachev” meme.  It seems I really am part of a meme building on this.  I’ve been musing also about how some things get conceived in one’s head/heart/body/soul/spirit, but that really they are formed first in the void.  I have said I think it’s mostly circumstantial on this end of things, but as I ponder what I just wrote, I think “it is written.” 

3) Today I see my co-workers wearing a lot of brown.  Think there’s a desire to be “earthed” right now.  I certainly wish to be in grounding.  It seems to correspond to a sense that I’m having to keep focused on basics, on working the various tools of my food fellowship.  I’ve noticed that as I do that more, as I show up more to do service, I am opening up my path to freedom and happiness in ways I could not ever predict.  This teaching gig is something I have longed for.  I have SO much to offer in this realm.

4) I have been praying to manifest inspiration on various projects, two of which are plays of varying lengths–One 45 minutes, the other a full-length.  I’m in the process of writing something and I think it’s the full-length play.  Again, I think this is something that was born in the void and has been making its way to me.  I’m chipping away at the script 3 pages a day at a time.  I’m wondering if I’ll have a day soon when I just sit down and finish the whole thing in a pop.  I just might, but I’m asking to be shown the way “as it is written.”

No doubt there are more, and maybe I’ll even experience more synchronicities today.  Le Fou tends to create all sorts of confluences…



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