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Daily Tarot Card: Eight of Swords – A Different Take March 6, 2009

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I use the Cosmic Tribe deck at home, and the 8 of swords depicts a fellow who is grabbing his head in frustration (at least that’s how I interpret it today), and asking “Calgon, please take me away!!!”  Eight fantasy swords populate the card, which has a dark background lightening into a reddish-brown hue toward the bottom.

The Rider-Waite classic shows a woman, loosely bound, blindfolded, and standing in a desolate landscape surrounded by 8 swords in the ground.  I wrote “desolate” but there is at least water.  It’s not like she’s in the desert.  But I’ve looked at that card and thought to myself “drama queen.” 

Numerologically, it seems to be a culmination of the mental realm, that something is reaching its apex in terms of ideas actingi n the world.  In terms of personal wisdom perhaps.  Or more likely personal knowledge and information-base.

My take on it today is that I need to take a respite, I need to don the blindfold and voluntarily bind myself and seek out a place where I can have respite and not be bothered.  In this way, it’s sort of a doubling of the 4 of swords energy which also calls for the same thing.  IN a way, this card is doubling the urgency of this matter.

And I sort of need it, I think.  I’m getting ready to take a big action which carries with it a salient statement of disapproval.  Basically, it amounts to placing a “put” on our FIRE necronomy and taking one step to pull up stakes here.

I want to free myself from the vEmpire, and I want to get to the solid still space inside where I am rock solid, where there are no distractions.  It’s hard to be in the space I require for this amplified respite.  I pray it be made so and soon.



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