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One of those days to just start typing February 26, 2009

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and see where it takes me.  I’m not really sure that I have much to say today.  It’s been a day to catch up on some things as regards my theater company.  Things feel all right in my life, and I’m going ahead with things even though I suspect some sort of event is approaching.  When I say “event” it could be anything. 

My fantasy about the sorting continues, though I read echoes of it on other blogs.  There are those who see it as a literal sorting reminiscent of films about the Holocaust.  Others see it as a self-sorting where people pretty much relegate themselves to different literal planets.  (I wouldn’t mind that myself, though I wonder about all of us who are sensing the oneness and the ephemerality of the “personae” (in the Greek sense of term as “masks”) we all wear. 

I mentioned yesterday I have been in an identity crisis of sorts because I’m trained as a playwright, yet I’m so unthrilled by it all.  Yet, the odd thing too is that a dream I’ve had for quite awhile, wherein I teach, will be fulfilled in a little over a week.  On my abstinence anniversary, actually (6 years March 9).

Anyway, I am also directing a play and I am struggling to get a design crew together for the play, and I’m feeling a desire to just book, just run away.  Now, I won’t do this, but a part of me sort of hopes that this imminent event hurries up and comes before the Ides of March.  Still, I know that when I get a cast together and yes, finally get a crew (and a budget!) I’ll be in the flow.

On my walk to by the Hudson, I pondered that there would be difficulty.  A little further upstream, I saw there was ice, and there were chunks in the river by the segment of park around the picnic table I sat at.  For some reason that put me in mind of difficulties, not unlike the ones I have right now with the play.  I’m much more eager to move forward with the afterwards of the implosion.  Not an easy thing to tell anyone though–too many people are deeply enmeshed in this “necronomy” (another term I came up with yesterday, and which I wonder if anyone else looks at the GDP the same way I do, not as a measure of economic health, but of societal psychopathology). 

All things being said, I am noticing an interesting set of synchronicities.  Today is 1-Death in the Mayan Calendar, also referred to as 1-Transformer.  Death is linked with North and the Color White.  I am a 6 Death myself.  (Hm.  6 years of abstinence. )  And the Orixa I believe to be my head, Obatala, is called Master of All Things White as well as being associated with the direction North.

Very interesting collection of associations here.  Don’t exactly know what to make of them, but I notice patters like this.  And also I’m listening to a song called “The End of the World” by Matt Alber right now.  Wildnis, ne?



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