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Hudson River and Oshun Musings February 25, 2009

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Oshun is the Orixa of rivers.  She has quite a sexy and delicious vibe, sort of being a similar goddess to Aphrodite and Freyja.  Goddesses secure in their sexuality and femininity.

I was musing about Oshun as I returned to work from my mid-day sojourn by the Hudson.  While I was by the river, I mused about “being impatient to be patient.”  The irony of my situation that I’m impatient for a time where I can let go of uffely-stuffel-stuff and just BE.

As I thought of Oshun and the Hudson, I mused about her being the second Orixa to my Head that being Obatala.  (I’m in the middle of Jorge Amado’s Tent of Miracles, and I wonder if Oshun isn’t My Eyes’ Orixa.) 

Anyway, I turn the corner onto Broadway from the walkway, and what do I see but a FedEx truck!  Aha!  If that isn’t a sign!  So I see that Oshun has some more wisdom for me, and it’s time to make some more offerings to the river and sex/love goddess from down Caribe/South America ways…



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