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My last days of being 44 February 20, 2009

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I turn 45 on Monday.  Don’t really know what to think of that.

I was telling my best friend last night that the theme of my life right now seems to be impatience.  I’m feeling impatient to begin … something.  And that something is not beginning to direct a play right now, though I am readying myself to throw into getting that together.

Some of my prayers are being answered, some of my spells are coming to fruition.  Today I had a sense of loss about some financial possibilities.  Am I too late?  I don’t know.  But regardless, I am aware that we are entering a time of huge sorrow and pain.  Quite a sense of dislocation, and a lot of people will be attempting to maintain control in the face of calamity.  Even self-control might not be merited at certain points I fear.  (“Run for the hills!!!” But ONLY at certain points.)

Yes, I have a feeling about a few things.  But I sense things will start to get better, but only after there’s a bottoming out. 

Just surrender, my friends.  Surrender…


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