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Hudson River Communication February 19, 2009

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While I was out on my lunch break, I sat for 10 minutes or so by the Hudson.  I had to go today–two days ago, the river was ice, at least to downstream about 300 yards.  Yesterday it rained, and today the ice was all but gone.  Only a few floating slushies as far as I could see.

I love sitting by the river.  It helps me to remember my divinity for some reason, and I crave to be out of doors at this time of year.  I feel that I’m probably a much hardier soul than I let myself believe I am, and wish there was a way to alter the structure of my life to make that more of a possibility.  (The way things are going, I might actually be compelled, but I would try and turn it around to make it seem to myself I’m a-volunteerin’!)

Anyway, I watched the river and I noticed this one floating ice structure.  It looked sort of like a man in a canoe, floating gracefully downstream.  The ice seemed to have sculpted itself into that form.  Or was sculpted, perhaps.  But the structure floated around and from another point-of-view it looked like a fellow waterskiing!  And then, further down the river, it appeared to be a swan. 

All in all, I took it to be a signal from my aumakua that all is well, that I am moving gracefully into the stream and that I am not to worry, regardless of all the tumult about to engulf us all.  Going from the leisurely fellow to the waterskiier (fun!?) and then to the graceful swan, I felt a giddiness permeate my being.




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