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Interesting tidbits about Troy February 18, 2009

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I learned two pieces of info yesterday that are of note.  In the late 19th century, the city in which I reside was the 8th largest in the U.S., larger than the state capital just down the road apace.

The other, far more interesting pieces is that Troy is built on iron works.  This explains a lot as to why I haven’t really been able to perceive the spirit of the place.  The iron interferes a bit with the spirit, though I think I have a way to communicate through the intercession of Ogun, who I believe to be the master of Troy’s head as it were.  (Ogun is also the orixa for the UINOSA, soon to be FUSA.  I wonder for what reason he is dismantling the place, though to be fair it’s pretty dang a stinkin’ rotten mess.) 

In any case, I will continue to work with the spirits of Little Italy, the Sage district, downtown Troy, Schenectady and Albany’s Washington Park. 

On another note, I was rather casting about for something to post today.  I know it’s better to be regular about posting.  On Disappearing Chef, I got out of practice.  I probably should go in and look at that blog sometime and see if anyone has posted any comments.  I have moved on from it though.  It’s part of a different time for me.  I don’t want to post “I don’t have anything to say.”  I actually do.  In fact, I’ve begun to write an essay on the profound “writer’s block” I have.  It’s not really writer’s block, it’s something else.  And I journey through it.  The essay helps.

One other thing: Last night in my step study I shared about the shameful events from my life, things I carry shame about.  It’s different to first admit them to oneself and to the god/dess(s/es) I work with then to admit them to another person.  It’s another though to admit them to a group of people.  It’s powerful and it’s painful.  But it will be good in the long run.

It’s now snowing in the Capital Region again.  (Yea??)  And it’s my partner’s birthday, and my 45th is on Monday.  Guh…  Getting old…  I’m taking him out to a great restaurant and we’ll have a lovely meal and a nice time.  Something to look forward to…



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