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Listening to the Spirit of My Workplace February 13, 2009

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Next week, I’ll finally be able to make offerings to the spirit of this building in which I work.  It’s a rather ordinary building as far as they go, but when I started to pay attention to its spirit and to converse with her (I think it’s a her–the spirit is so beleaguered, the gender is difficult to ascertain, unlike Cappy or “Aurora Petra Majesta”), she really took notice of me, and after I made a small offering of honey as per my teacher’s suggestion, she said she would rather have tobacco.

So I will sprinkle a smidgen on the various staircases of the building in honor of her.  The building is interesting though.  She knows what is going on in the entirety of her confines, and she seems to be quite intuitive and good at extrapolating into the future.  She has been giving me gentle warnings about things that are coming.  Today she said that something big is occurring “behind the scenes, but people won’t know about it until later.”

When it’s too late?  Or just later, I wonder.  She has said that it would be something that some people–the authors and perceived beneficiaries of these hidden actions–would be the ones to rue their behavior.  There would be those who would take out their frustrations through various means, but there would be a goodly chunk of people who would pretty much finally surrender in a manner similar to my own surrender regarding sugar.

Now the last part, she didn’t say in so many words, but I got the feeling that things would be eventually pretty darn good.  But there is a comeuppance in the near term and one that will result in a bit of suffering.  In my own case, I never want to forget the neverending quest for what I didn’t need those waning days of December 2002.  I started to get the help I really needed and people were patient with me for the most part.  Somehow miracles occurred and I am still here–not on crutches, not with a gastric bypass, not with diabetes or heart disease or other O.B.City related diseases.  I am healthy, have started exercising again and I eat VERY well indeed–which is to day I eat moderately within prescribed requirements for my food.

I feel that something similar is bubbling up under the springy surface of collective, interpersonal and intrapersonal awareness.  That we are waking up to our connections to each other, which is why those who are behind these various manipulations will be the very ones to suffer.  “Man plans and God/dess laughs” as we in recovery say. 

I do think there are a lot of people out there with delusions that they can control others, who think they will be able to barcode or RFID chip everyone and “cull the herd.”  I think this because I have experience with addicts, and like most people brought up American, I have day-to-day experience with psychopaths of all sorts.  Do I think they will have any effect?  I don’t know, but whatever ripples may occur, they will be a lot less than either they or the catastrophizers out there would say.

The spirit of my workplace is curious–she relishes my attention, knows I won’t be there forever, and I think she rues the day I will leave.  But she also seems genuinely pleased for me and to be happy for whatever my future holds.  A weird vote of confidence for Frostwolf!!

I have an eager and anticipatory hope for humanity as well, as we shuck off the brittle and illusory shackles that we have magnified in our minds to have so big a hold on us.  The corporations, nation-states, various governing authorities, organized churches and the like really have only the power we give them.  In my own secular and sacred authorities, I can choose where I put my focus, where I put my priorities.  Certain structures do have to be addressed, and certain aspects of human personality need to be reviewed and integrated somehow–even the psychopathic ones, as challenging as that may be–and we need to move forward as best we can.

I’m reminded of the sport in Callenbach’s Ecotopia which outside observers said was so violent it showed how barbaric and primitive the nation was.  Our ancestors relished the vision quests and the initiatory rites they enacted for themselves in their lifespans, many of which took place at the ripe old age of 15.  We need to test ourselves and we need to have initiations and yes, we need some outlet for the dangerous lion/bear/tiger energies coursing within us too.  The mistake that Jehovahsatan, good-evil binary religions/belief systems make is that they don’t give space to the “Is-ness” of humanity.  The Strength card of the Tarot ought to be our example there.

In any case, I put my energy toward the yellow candle I burned a few days ago that was to welcome in joy, uplift, inner genius, focus and inspiration.  And I pour it out of me into the underlying plasmatic realm that connects us all.

Rapture, indeed!



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