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Awareness of Spring February 12, 2009

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It’s not exactly a guarded secret that spring in upstate New York POPS!!!  Once the snow clears, and rains subside a bit, this is THE time of year to be here.  The daffodils and the crocuses, the narcissus and the tulips are on their way, and I anticipate them vehemently. 

 Of course it’s over the next 3 months that I feel the most “down”, and again I recognize that it is a structural down rather than one that is necessarily wired into my body.  It’s structural in the sense that I sit at a desk 8 hours a day and the energy that courses through me has no where to go, little means through which to express itself physicallly.  My lunch hour is of course taken up with eating, and now it’s also taken up with my calling my sponsor.  (I’m thinking I might want to alter the time I call him, actually, at least through the next few months.) 

I have this crazy thought that if I were to be involved in some other pursuit r/t the old rat-race that I half-heartedly engage in, perhaps the these manifesting energies streaming in from both the stars and the planet would be radiated more effectively into my day-to-day existence and I would be able to be much more myself, feel a resilience that I know is just under the surface just waiting to be expressed.

The other day I walked over to the Hudson, and while I got a bit of a hit off the land and seeing the iced-up river, I couldn’t really focus on it.  I talked with my sponsor, then I looked at the time and had to walk back to woiklez.   I would like to commune with this one willow tree who I kind of like.  (Yes, “who.”  She has a delightful personality, though she’s a mite dulled by being so near the highway.  Poor dear.)  Again, another structural aspect but this one I think I can change, to give me at least a little window into some attunement to the larger forces and emitting the pulse into the environment.  We’re all doing it, it’s just that I want to be more conscious and in-my-body about it.

As I was musing about this post, I realized that based on the Celtic/indigenous understanding of the wheel year, I was born in a “spring month.”  If February 1-5 marks a transitional time from winter into spring, then I was born full-bore in the spring as it were.  This understanding really amazes me in that I really have a spring-like personality in many ways.  How like spring the sign of Pisces is!  We are both quite changeable and we swim around the times in effulgence and mystery.

But because these are cold, blustery days, often fraught with snow, but getting into March also rain-sodden and grey-but-warming, there is a sense of eagerness building.



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