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General Energy: Dismantling Heirarchy February 9, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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In viewing the present moment, I am struck by a number of streams going on.  Some of them attempt to coexist within myself, and I see the difficulties of the external coexistence of some of these streams.  While there is a concerted push on the part of those who are invested in maintaining dinosaur structures–too big to work or to have much impact than the size factor (which, once one sees that the size is a phantasm, gets dispelled pretty fast)–there are also those like myself who see that applying concerted, focused magickal pressure on certain joints in the creakasaurus, may lead to a more manageable decrescendo from the allegro histerico of this final movement in “The Empire Symphony.”

The stream of energy I’m thinking about is reflected in secession movements, focus on relocalization and the like.  I still have a strong desire to really become “a part of”.  I see that I’m an embodying god amongst embodying gods (though truth be told, a good 95% of them are dormant, and of the remainint 5%, not all of them are acting sanely), but I seek to be a citizen amongst citizens. 

At some point in the near future, people are going to be confronted with the magnitude of all our delusions.  This collapse is slo-mo, but still quite accelerated.  I haven’t as yet been much impacted by the weirdness as of yet.  Each Monday I come into work and wonder, “Is this going to be THE WEEK?”  And I know that the craziness will spike when that time comes.  Some people are going to take it quite hard when the illusions give way. 

A number of people are commenting as to why the riots haven’t happened here yet, and they wonder if riots will indeed happen.  I feel an ambivalence about the notion of violent protest.  While a part of me feels that “it’s the only way to get things done in this cu*ture,” that’s the source of my problem:  THIS “C*NTURE.  The vEmpire in other words.  The ideas that the gnostics had that to use the same methods that the psychopaths perpetrate on us to keep us in line to try and turn it back on them only turns us into them, or allows for the next generation of psychos to utilize a language set to subvert utopia as some whould have it be created, to remake it a la Stalin and Mao in their own fashion.

I wonder if on some level, not an insignificant number of Americans know this idea.  The other more probable reason is that we are generally more addicted and drugged than other populations, and many of our drugs are involuntary.  At least, if we don’t bother to read the labels on our packages of “food.”  A goodly chunk of us don’t really care what happens to us, either as individuals or collectively as a species.  They might care about something that goes by the name “American”, but it’s not something they would go out and die for.  Send other people’s kids to go out and get killed maybe, but not them.  This population is really quite deluded, and has no idea of the world of hurt that’s ahead for their kind.  I wonder if they’ll decide then to go postal, or to just go somewhere and quietly off themselves. 

Much of my magickal work goes into the dispelling of denial related to the perceptions of these apparatuses that would control us all.  The whole notion of trying to keep tabs on the world’s population on an individual basis strikes me as a colossal waste of time and energy.  But that’s where some people are putting their resources.  Another waste of time and energy is focusing on national governance or even corporate governance at the level of multinationals.  None of us has control over what’s going on, and the sooner we acknowledge that the better.  Will it happen?  Probably, but only after there’s been quite a bit of suffering.

Anyway, I have come to understand that dispelling/dismantling and dis-illusion-ing –or causing epiphanies and personal apocalypses to stun a person into awareness–are a part of my power today.  But so to is increasing joy, both for myself and others.  For the Brigid ritual, I crafted a yellow-candle spell to accentuate happiness, inspiration and focus.  To ferret out the inner genius who will lead me into this next phase of our species’ journey.  (Assuming it’s not into the summerlands, that is.)

And I’m going to light a couple of other candles to quicken community and the like.  Hopefully others are doing their part as well.



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