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Revisiting Certain Spirits February 6, 2009

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.
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It’s been a while since I have blogged about the various spirited energies I come into contact with–the ostensible subject of this blog in toto, though not always apparent.  I was musing about a candle I got for myself to dispel debt, and it occurred to me that my relationship to the spirit of my student loan has altered a bit.  And so too have my awarenesses of other spirits around me.

I’ve been doing the old “work on myself” routine, and lately I’ve noticed that I don’t seem as obsessed with my student loan as I was.  Somehow the power of it has gone.  I have done certain magickal things along those lines, like creating a money altar that balances the life I wish to have for myself with the debts to be transformed into something useful rather than extractive.  In working with a counselor, I have also come to see that this is a sort of payment not unlike the lines of what kahunas advise people to make for their child-selves to be able to manifest what is desired.  I am paying “through the nose” on this debt for a much more powerful purpose.  In any case, I seek to dispel not only this debt, but all my debts because I feel they have become the dictators of the structure of my life.  I have the life I have in part because I have to service these debts. 

And yet, I am becoming aware that I can create time for all that I need to, and now I need to manifest focus, energy and inspiration to reconnect with the spiritual bases for the arts I pursue.  I am learning to appreciate the life I do have, which is ironic because I sense that it’s about to be ripped apart at any minute. 

My relationship to the spirits of this time are … well, let’s just say there’s dialogue.  I feel that the spirit of my workplace building has some strong connections to the zeitgeiste.  And I try to speak with her as much as I can.  (Her gender is really not fleshed out, interestingly.  I was stumped for a minute until I got a picture in my head of what she looked like in my imagination.)  It’s partly because of the nature of the work that goes on within the building and its connections elsewhere that the spirit has some insights.  She has been quietly suggesting that “I make the preparations.” 

I feel that my relationship to the house spirit Gunder is … well, let’s say she is nonplussed with me.  I know he’s jealous (Gunder is a shapeshifter so he is as appropriate to her as she is appropriate to him. :D) of all the other guides and deities I work with.  I suspect Gunder probably has an uneasy relationship with Diana and the other spirits of the neighborhood and the land.  Not exactly sure what that’s about, but I feel a mite annoyed in my own place right now.

I haven’t checked in with the spirits of my neighborhood, and that irritates me too.  Still, I have become aware that there are quite a few microclimates, even block to block in Troy.  I walk to the bus stop most mornings, and I feel that several spirits take notice of me.  I do certain spiritual workings on the path, and that probably awakens them to my presence.  Some days, I sort of “wake up” 2 blocks from my house, and see the freshness of the houses on the eastern side of 4th Street between Division and Ferry.   Congress between 3rd and 4th feels a mite downtrodden, and weathered.  (I picture the 9 of wands in the Rider-Waite deck.)  The block of the bus stop itself (3rd between Congress and State) feels a bit scattered to me. 

The other areas of Troy that I know more or less–Washington Park, the Sage District, Downtown–each have their own spirits as well.  And so too with Albany.  (One interesting sidenote–in cleansing my power point, I’ve been told to spend more time in Schenectady which seems to want me there anyway.) 

So there’s a recap of a sort.  Onwards.



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